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June 14, 2002
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Cold Stone Ice Cream at The Flatiron Mall

I got a lot of work done today, though my brain was still split on how and what I really wanted to do. That's kind of hard. I didn't really know if the approach I was taking was the best one, though it felt very, very comfortable doing OOP again. I really like objects. I really enjoy being able to concentrate on just one thing while I'm writing code and being able to just figure out all the interactions between objects rather than having to do all the management of all the flow all at once. That's hard stuff.

We had a really good morning. Jet went to sleep early, as usual, around 9:30, and Isabel went on an adventure and drove the Baby Buggy out to Safeway and got a number of things for dinner. We decided that it would be cool for her to make dinner tonight, so that helped us out a lot. It's nice being able to work and not worry about dinner. Jet slept so long that she was able to go to the grocery store, get back, unpack everything and only then did he wake up. With both sets of grandparents Jet seems to be waking up earlier and earlier. I wonder if it's just that he decides that since there is someone to play with in the morning at the really early hours that he might as well be up anyway?

I don't really know.

Lunch was leftovers from last night. The pork was just as spicy, sweet, and wonderful. Jet ate a tiny bit of rice and beans, and then tried to steal a little bit from everyone. He's been having really good breakfasts, often sharing in someone's smoothie, getting some bagel, orange and fruit, as well as yogurt and cereal. Yogurt is a lot less messy than milk in his cereal as it sticks to it and he can eat it all at once. that's very useful.

John was able to finish working around 5. I was still stuck pretty deeply into what I was doing, but finally got done at 6, when they said that dinner was about ready. Amazingly Jet was asleep again.

Yum. Isabel had made a cabbage casserole with potatoes, turkey, onions, and tomato soup. It was very hearty and very good with a curry apple salad that was crisp and clean and spicy. I really enjoyed it. Jet woke up as we were about finishing, and he actually ate a little of everything, though he really enjoyed the apples from the salad with their spice. He really seemed to need a walk, so we took my parents' advice and went down to Flatiron Mall to give him a good walk.

Jet walked for nearly an hour and a half, starting with being completely fascinated by the waterfall just outside the main area of the mall. He tried climbing the rocks, nearly got to the water a couple of times, but we stopped him just in time. He then leaned against the rock edge and just went "Ooooo" and "Awww" a lot. That was cool.

We then headed upstairs, and Jet started off by grabbing a truck off the Tupperware stand in the middle of the mall. Then he started crying as we tried to take him away from it. Finally we got him far enough from the stand that he gave up trying to find it and then we went on a random walk. He dove right into the Godiva chocolates store and smiled and waved at the lady behind the counter, studied all the things that were behind glass and then bounced back out into the hallway. He headed across the hallway into a jewelry store, where the clerk said to tell him if we were interested in anything and then grinned at seeing Jet studying the diamonds behind the glass.

Then he was off again, and across the bridge over the lower section of the mall, where he tried to lean against the bars to see below. He missed putting his hand on the bar and bonked himself in the head. Ow. He decided not to do that again and then headed right into a high fashion clothing store. Both Isabel and I looked around in some wonder. I know that I haven't stepped into a stylish clothing store for... uhm... a very, very long time. I'm either too cheap or I buy my stuff mail order and it's never actually stuff that's in fashion Right Now. And here Jet was smiling at all the cute teenage girls, flirting with the slender shop girls, and basically really enjoying himself.

From there he headed right, dead into the Bose sound shop. He stopped at a pair of speakers, listened intently, and then started dancing. He bobbed his head, stomped his feet and circled with studied intensity. The show guy admired him, and then showed him the little demo for showing sounds waves coming out of the tube. Jet loved pushing the button and seeing all the little pellets dance according to the wavelength of the sound. Mmm...

Come to think of it, the stylish store had some pretty interesting music going on in it, too. I wonder if Jet's inherited John's great grand-aunt's perfect pitch. His cousins have it. I wouldn't be too surprised. We'll have to make sure he gets some musical training, sometime.

From there Jet got kind of tired, and asked to be picked up. So I held him and we headed out to find some ice cream. Jet did asked to be set back down when we reached the food court and then immediately tried to get into Crate and Barrel. He wasn't pleased when we decided he couldn't do that, and squalled a little as we picked him up and headed to the Cold Stone Creamery.

It's a marble slab ice cream store, with in-house made ice cream that they then mix stuff into on a chilled slab of marble. Both John and I got chocolate. I got a Snickers bar mashed in while John got mac nuts. Isabel got cinnamon ice cream with something mixed in and she enjoyed the cinnamon flavor. Jet got orange creamsicle with sprinkles mixed in and, at first, he refused to eat any as we offered it to him on a spoon. He did, however, help himself to bites off my cone. Hm. I gave him a little of my ice cream, but he soon started refusing bites of that as well.

I thought about it a little. He was refusing ice cream offered to him on a spoon. What would happen if I gave him his spoon?

I turned his bowl around so that he could get a grip on his spoon. Instead of just taking the spoon, he grabbed at the bowl with one hand while grabbing at the spoon with the other. I was sure he was going to spill the bowl with his one-handed kung-fu grip; but after swinging it around experimentally, he never dropped it and then he started dipping his spoon into the bowl and eating what he got off the spoon!! The grip on the bowl was awesome. It looked like he was defying gravity and all the powers that be. His tiny, little hand was so strong he could grip just the side of the bowl and hold the whole thing. I imagine that the styrofoam gave him a better grip or something, but he was swinging it around, digging ice cream out of it and it just never dropped.

The ice cream was very helpful as well. It stayed stuck to the bowl, which, I think, any cheaper ice cream or a less well-insulated bowl would not have allowed. Any Dairy Queen plastic bowl would have had melted ice cream creating a nice lubricated layer that would have flung the solid remains from the bowl every time Jet tipped it. This stuff clung like a limpet and Jet could dip and run as he liked.

From that point on, he started just walking with his ice cream, and we walked after him. Luckily, with the ice cream to distract him he didn't go into any other shops. Instead, he ate, watched, people, and marched steadily on towards the far end of the mall. We went all the way to the theaters before he finally dropped the bowl. Amusingly enough, the ice cream stuck to the bowl, and on picking the bowl up again, he was still set to go. He was, however, starting to get full, and after seeing six kids leaping from rock to rock around one of the garden areas, he consented to being cleaned up with a wet wipe and to give over both the bowl and the spoon. Wow.

John then helped Jet walk and leap the rocks, with much power support by Dad. Jet loved it, until it got really, really steep, but he stuck with it and then watched the other kids for a while before we headed on back. He was pretty exhausted by that time, so we ended up picking him up and taking him a good deal of the way. He protested as we were about to enter the mall again, so he got set down and he walked a bit.

The Crate and Barrel was closing, this time, and there was a lady there at the door. Jet stopped to study all the glass and he tried the glass out to see if it would let him through. When it didn't, he walked up to the lady on the other side of the glass and gave her his winning smile. She opened the door and cooed at him and talked with him and showed him how to twist the locking mechanism on the door. He was so fascinated we stayed there for a good ten minutes before he finally consented to being picked up and hauled away. He waved bye-bye to her as we walked away, though.

That was cool. We headed out into the cool air, and it started raining. I'm glad there's some rain here. We need it so much.

Jet didn't fall asleep on the drive home, as much as we expected it. He got fussy near the end of the ride and I played "This Little Piggy" with his toes and that seemed to calm him a lot. He kept lifting a foot towards my hands every time I stopped after a rendition and went "Uh! Uh!" and finally I just kept doing it continuously "all the way home..."

He fell dead asleep when I nursed him and went to bed without a peep. All this exercise has to be good for something!

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