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June 12, 2002
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Change Is

I got to talk a lot more with my boss today. Between a very packed one on one and a really great lunch, I really think I know Jayashree a bit more, and I am getting a better feel for what it's going to be like to work with her. This is a very good thing.

It's very, very clearly going to be very different than working with Bill. Bill's personality is a very strong one. He forms opinions and is very up front about them and makes them known and public very clearly. He's an extrovert, who is also remarkably eloquent and technically gifted. It makes him easier to work with in that he is very up front about everything. It makes it harder to work with him in that every time I have a different opinion, I have to be just as eloquent and verbal about explaining why I differ and present, very clearly and concisely why it is that I differ. I am really bad with conflict of any kind and I find it much easier to just be quiet and 'let him have his way'. It's a very passive-aggressive badness on my part, and I really have to watch it.

I did better with time. And he made it very easy for me to talk to him about stuff in the long run by listening when I did have things that I had to say. When he understood what it was I was trying to convey, we'd talk about it and he would change his mind if my reasoning was sound. That was good.

Jayashree, however, is quieter. So it may mean that I'll find it easier to bring up differences. It may also be that I'll never find out if we have a difference. It'll be interesting to see in the long run. It's very cool seeing that she embodies, very deeply a bunch of the ideals of Xilinx management. And she says a lot of the right stuff. I'll just have to see, in the long run, if what she says is backed up by what she does. So far it's been mostly okay. I just really know, now, that I have to be far more proactive with her than with Bill. Bill would sic me onto things that needed help Right Now. Jayashree seems content to let me do what I really feel I need to do.

Good and bad with that, probably as with all things.

Jet's word of the day is "Owie."

He's saying it for everything. When he dropped a bit of food in the crack in the threshold of the door to the outside. When he banged John's hand. When he fell down, when he got back up. He's just using it for everything and I am not entirely sure why. Ah well

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