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June 16, 2002
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A Quiet Father's Day

We all enjoyed a very quiet Father's Day, today. John wasn't really in the mood to do all that much, so we didn't. I got up a little late, and asked John what he wanted for breakfast and he replied that he really wanted blueberry scones. So I made blueberry scones.

We've extensively modified the recipe in the Simply Scones scone book, and I did a little more modification when I added fresh lemon zest to the dough and used frozen blueberries instead of fresh. They were the only kind we had. I just kneaded the pebble-like creatures in quickly, so they wouldn't melt before I finished. They also were likely to not melt until after the scone dough set up if I worked quickly enough. With the berries mostly whole, they wouldn't soak the scones until one bit into them. I really enjoy that.

So they baked. Jet played, and we read the newspaper in the early sunshine.

The only problem with the frozen berries it that they often make the scones bake a little longer. I had to change Jet when the alarm went off, so I asked Isabel to check the scones. I was in too much of a hurry and didn't tell her what to look for, i.e. a gooey center, and she proclaimed the scones done. When John cut into them, however, the center fell flat into goo. Oops. So we separated them and let them cook a while longer.

They turned out delicious, crisp and rich and wonderful.

From there we headed into town and to church. Jet got to play with the other kids while we sat through the service, and then he got to chase them around the garden and under a bush. The bush houses a deep, cool shadow by the retaining wall for that part of the lawn, so someone can walk alongside the wall, lean on it and talk to the kids hidden under the deepest shadows of the bush. With the hot sunshine and warm weather, the shade under the bush was very comfortable. Jet had a wonderful time under there. He could walk all around the truck without having to duck, the way the bigger kids had to.

He really is the center of attention for half a dozen of the older kids in the church. Jet's the baby of the four and under group, so they coddle him, give him pictures, and play with him a lot, especially when he seems to be unhappy. Tucker loves holding him and hugging him and taking him places. Jet happily goes along with him, too, on the most part.

Jet had such a thorough play time that he went right to sleep on the way home and stayed that way while we watched more soccer games and ate a very light lunch. John and his mom had smoothies while I finished a small portion of leftovers. We were going out for dinner, and it was so hot, so we didn't need much food.

At 5:30 we headed out into the heat and went to Aun Kor, restaurant, which is a Southeast Asian restaurant. The menu is a mix of everything from all the countries in that region plus a few American dishes as well, probably good for business. We cheerfully sat down, and tried to figure out what to order. It was nice and cool and very quiet in there. There was only one other family in there, other than the owner's family. When we finally looked up from our menus we discovered that it was a dinner for a guy at work! That was cool. We went over and said hello and Jet got to make his introductions as well.

We ended up with a nice seafood soup, rice, Mongolian Beef, and a lemongrass and garlic chicken. Jet loved the soup, but only if we cooled it down enough for him. He would saw owie every time it was too warm for his taste and flinch back from it. But when it was cool enough he slurped down a good bowlful of the broth. He nibbled some rice, ate a few of the vegetables and some of the beef. Then he started wanting to play with the water cups, his plate, and everything else that was on the table. Luckily, by the time he got bored with his food, everyone else had finished. We cleaned off the plates, and I paid while letting Jet run around.

Jet did well. Mostly staying within sight of me, and he gave the owner several low-5's. The owner's kids ignored Jet and ran off to eat their dinner.

When we were completely done, we walked out the door and headed along the sidewalk around the mall. Jet got to just walk everywhere, so long as it was on the sidewalk. He made one concerted effort to reach the road, but after being discouraged consistently and constantly, he decided it would be okay to walk on the sidewalk. Then he started running. It took a bit to keep up with him, but we all caught up when he decided that the rocks in one area had to be picked up. The rocks were about as big around as Jet's head. So they were relatively heavy for the little guy. He got his arms around one and started grunting and groaning. He hauled the rock into his arms and staggered away, protesting with every step at how hard it was. He didn't let go, however, and dropped the rock into the forbidden street.

Jet looked down at it, nodded, and then headed back to the rocks to get another one. Hee.

From there we kept walking, and Jet got to go all the way around, including one grassy area where he chased a three-year-old until the three-year-old completely outran him. Poor Jet looked a little forlorn as he realized that no matter how fast he ran he couldn't catch the other boy. I told him, "Someday, you'll be even faster," and he came to me to be picked up for a bit before he decided the sidewalk was interesting again.

We went all the way around the mall, ended up back at the car, and then headed back. Jet was pretty tired from the long walk and went to sleep pretty easily. Yay!

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