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June 16, 1999
a year ago

Back to Work

I had a major panic attack this morning.

The office assistant for all of engineering sent out email 251 in my inbox this morning, saying that she was out for the rest of the week. The reason for the panic was that she hadn't given me my airplane tickets for this coming Monday, yet. She hadn't even confirmed that the tickets I wanted were actually bought or even still available. So I had no clue what had happened with any of the things we'd talked about neary a week ago.

Panic. Panic. Panic. All the way through our morning engineering meeting. But after the meeting I talked with my manager and he said that I should just call someone and ask them what was up. It turned out that Helena herself had left everyone a number to call Travel for and so I called them and asked them what was up. The lady on the other end knew everything and even promised me a lower hotel rate than they'd booked, so I was really happy about that. Yay!

So that all worked out very well indeed.

The meeting was okay. The lunch, afterwards, since Bob was in the area, was even better. The morning, actually was pretty insane before the meeting because I was wading through more mail than I could actually get through, Bob was wandering over to talk with me about all the things he's been holding up on for the last few weeks and he"d just installed all the new VC++ 6.0 stuff on my machine and it was changing all kinds of things around that I didn't like having changed around. So I was juggling all these new things that had to be done, a machine that wasn't doing what I wanted it to do and pure panic at the thought of trying to schedule a flight from Denver to New Orleans with less than four days' notice. It was a very, very bad, bad want to start the day.

Lunch was much, much nicer after figuring all that stuff out. Got to go to the Taj, which has a tremendous buffet lunch, all kinds of things to eat and all yummy, with all kinds of things to drink as well. Hot Indian Chai really got me calmed down, I think that the hot milk counteracts the caffience and the cardomom bite and cinnamon richness really was nice. It helped.

There was an all-hands meeting in the afternoon, that superceded my usability meeting, so I moved it and enjoyed the update.

Got some entries in and it looks like folks are coming over tonight to see the place, experience Taco Mine and basically sit and talk and visit. Ray's in town and it'll be good to see and talk with him and Joan. They bought a house really near ours.

It was also a real relief to talk with Cera for a while and with Charlie. I missed them over my vacation. It's very good to talk with them about things again. I also miss letters with and from Raven, but I expect he's busy wrestling with his life some more.

I expect we'll have fun tonight and I'll sleep well.

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