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June 16, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Wandering Saturday

5:40 pm: Jet was up only once last night, at 2:30. Since I had pumped at 10:20 I hadn't had to get up to pump, so I just got up the one time to feed him and put him back to sleep. He went back to sleep easily, so we were up only 40 minutes. That was good in and of itself, but then at 7 in the morning, I woke up and found that John hadn't had to get up at all. Jet was still asleep. I was pretty full up, so I went out and pumped, and when I was done, I heard the shower going, so I popped the four ounce bottle we had left over from yesterday into the bottle warmer and by the time John got out of the shower with Jet, the bottle was warm.

So I took my shower while John fed Jet, and then the three of us went to The Egg and I for breakfast. Yum. I had what they called a Traffic Jam, which was mushrooms, onions, bacon, and other stuff in an omelet that was then covered in a crepe. It was served with Hollandaise, home fries, and an English muffin. John had the house breakfast, just eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast. It as really good, but the food took a little while as the place was completely full.

Jet was great for the whole thing, playing with John for a lot of it, and when he did get fussy it was because he was pretty wet. We forgot to change him right there because he got quiet when we left the restaurant so we stopped in the Safeway parking lot and I changed him while John went in to get more carrot baby food. Jet had loved the carrots so much, we thought we'd get plenty more so that if he didn't like something else he tried, we'd have other food to give him.

We stopped by the Goodell's on the way home, in part to see if Jet could go three hours between feedings, and on the other hand to see their garage sale and if there was anything we might want. Also just to talk with them and John had thought he was going to be at an off-site on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and had arraigned for Joan to take Jet for four hours all three days, instead of just Wednesday.

It turned out that the off-site was in July, not June. So he had to tell her that Monday and Tuesday weren't going to be four hour days. Yay! Anyway, it was fun to just be there, and talking with Ray and Joan. I also got to play ball with Alex, doing headers with a small beach ball and then rolling it back and forth happily. That was really cool.

Once we got home again, we had a message on the machine from our postal delivery guy telling us that sometime around 10:30 he'd be by with the Express mail from the guy buying Borax. It was 10:20, and at 10:45 John called the post office to ask where the guy was. He showed up ten minutes later and then John ran off to the post office and the bank to mail the title to Borax off and to deposit the check. Whew. That's all done.

On the way he stopped by another garage sale, found some Plexiglas for our window box, to line the bottom of it so that water wouldn't destroy the fiber stuff that's there. So he took Jet to go look at it while I puttered around the house for the fifteen minutes they were gone. Then Thomas showed up to take back their camper with his two daughters and John took Jet out to meet them because they babysat for Anika, so they know how to babysit for a baby. So we might have some time, someday, to go see a movie or something.

When they were done, John did some watering and feeding of the trees, and while he did that Jet and I made pecan roll dough together. John had requested the pecan rolls for his Father's Day breakfast, so I put the dough together to rise until after dinner, sometime.

John, while doing the yard stuff, had talked with the folk that bought the house next door. They bought it specifically to clean it up and sell it for a lot more money, something like 400k to buy and 510k to sell, which is very nice money for a few months' worth of work. But it's a really large house, so it could well be that kind of money. They'd invited us to look at the house soon after they'd first bought it and were willing to have us look again now that they were pretty much done and about to put it on the market.

It's much cleaner. Nicely made up and a lot of mild remodeling to make it far more marketable. It was really nice. They'd also asked to see our house, so John offered them the look around, and they came over and meandered through with us. They had talked with the former owners about the house, but had never seen the inside. Just as the neighbors to our west had never seen the inside, and we'd invited them to one of Fezzik's birthday parties. They liked what they saw, including the view to the West.

We'd never really understood why most of the houses in the neighborhood were lined up to the street instead of lining themselves up to be able to take full advantage of the view of the Rockies we have. For us the view is probably one of the few things that really makes this place livable, and the house had a lot of little things to make sure that that view is well framed and used throughout the house, including a small window in the upstairs bathroom that looks out into our foyer and through a big window that faces right towards the mountains.

They really liked what we'd done with the basement, the guest suite really has worked out well, and the extra sunlight from the dug-out windows really made it light down there. So it was cool to have to real estate agents say that our house was really nice. They even said that they'd had clients who'd wanted 'that little yellow house out there.'

Jet was grumpy during the tour. He was really tired, and he fell asleep after he ate after they'd all left. It surprised me a little to find that it was a bit before 6. So I made dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs and the last of the nice bread we'd bought a couple days ago. It was a good meal, and after dinner we went downstairs and watched Rocky and Bullwinkle. That was really fun, and unlike the other times we've seen movies, he only nursed for his half an hour and then he wanted to play.

So he and I played for most of the last two thirds of the movie. He watched some of it, and he got a diaper change about an hour in. Then I gave him his massage during the movie and then just had fun with him for a while. John took him the last ten minutes, and when we went back upstairs it was already fifteen past eight. I raced through putting the pecan rolls together, putting brown sugar, butter, and pecans in the bottom of the pan. I ground cinnamon sticks into half a cup of sugar. I then rolled the dough out, and put the cinnamon sugar evenly on the dough, rolled it up, and cut it into pieces that were then placed over the goo. The whole went into the fridge and then I plopped down to feed Jet.

John cleaned everything up and we watched odd bits of Congo and other random stuff as Jet ate his last feeding off me and then off the bottle. He went right to sleep, so I'm hopeful for tonight. I heated a mug of milk and toasted some cinnamon toast and wrote before getting ready for bed, pumping and then going to sleep.

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