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June 26, 2002
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Walking and Swimming

Lots of stuff today. We had the Walk and Roll day at work today, so we parked part of the way into work and walked the last mile. So by the time I got to work it was time for my meeting. I proposed getting delivery for lunch, but everyone overrode me and said that they'd go to Noodles and Company on their bikes, ignoring the fact we had walked. Ah well. From there I went right into another meeting and it ran much longer than I had hoped. I did see John's legs outside the meeting room, so I popped out to talk things over with him.

So when my meeting was done, we went through the drive-thru at Wendy's and tried out the new chicken salads. We just bought them and brought them home with us and got Jet along the way. Jet was snoring when John walked in, but woke up as he was taken to the car. So I nursed him before going up to a meeting and eating my salad while working. I had something to present, so I did that, and then ate while everyone talked things over.

At 3, I took over with Jet until 4, when I had another meeting. That one was short, though, which was something of a blessing. We're leaving for Albuquerque tomorrow, the maids are coming, and I have swimming tonight. Next week we all might be invited to an early 4th of July party, so I might not get to swim next week. So I wanted to take advantage of this week.

I was really tired, though, when it was time. John had been on a phone call for an hour when I realized it would be a good thing to actually have some dinner before I left. John heated up garlic chicken while I nursed a pretty tired Jet. Jet went to sleep and I tucked him away before eating. John was doing all our laundry and he said he'd get a start on cleaning the house, so most of it would be taken care of. It'll be really nice to come home to a clean house.

I had a mild headache, was worried about my period, a little, and was achy all over when Joan arrived. I hopped into the car, and we were soon talking a mile a minute about her vacation, about Jet and his grandparents, and about how Jet was doing going back to Joan's. He seemed to be fitting back into the routines pretty well, though it was taking him a little longer to warm to the little party.

It was nice being with Joan again. The aerobics went by a little faster having something to talk about, and someone to talk with. And when we were done, we both felt much better for the exercise. It was good to get the blood moving, the appetite stirred, and everything else. It was also just fun going with Joan and not get distracted by Jet. We had a good talk on the way back, both said that we were pleased to be swimming together again, and said good night.

Jet was running around helping John 'sort' the clothing when I got home. He was in nothing but his diaper and very pleased by that. Hee. He'd slept two and a half hours, and was raring to go, while both John and I were pretty tired from the day, the exercise from the walk, and from the heat. It'd been mid-90's when we walked back to the car. So we both had to be extra patient with a very cheerful, active Jet.

We also watched the Turkey-Brazil game, and enjoyed it. Turkey played really hard and did as well as they could, but didn't really play their own game until after Brazil had already scored. So it was a little bit too late

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