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June 24, 2002
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Back to the Old Schedule

9:45 pm: Today was the first time I'd had Jet to myself for the first time in a long time. It's been three weeks.

John took off with him in the morning, and Jet did not want to get into the car seat. He was grumpy, clingy and unhappy and when he got to the Goodell's he wasn't much better. John told me what happened. Jet was grumpy and sullen and didn't want to get out of his infant chair when he first got there. When he saw Haley he just stayed grumpy. When Joan tried to pick him up, he screwed his face up as if to cry. John took him back and they sat and talked for a while.

That's when Alex barreled into the room and started poking Jet and doing squawks and indoor screams and laughing like a loon. Jet started to giggle and then to yell and then he got up from John's lap and started chasing Alex around. Soon Alex, Haley and Jet were chasing each other around the house in huge, giggling loops. When I spoke with Joan afterwards, she said that as soon as Alex 'scared Jet' Jet was fine. Yay!

So Jet really did have a good morning at Joan's, even after not really recognizing Joan and Haley, at first. When he got home at quarter 'til 11, he looked very tired but very content. Alex is going to be home all week, so Jet'll get a good fix of him all week. This is a good thing. Jet will even get an extra hour on Thursday as Joan is going to take him with her to Alex's appointment, but that may not go well with our travel plans. We'll have to see.

When Jet got home, he nursed and went right to sleep for two and a half hours. When he got up we shared lunch and he ate half a corn dog that was cut up into rings that would go onto his stick. He also nibbled a carrot and drank some orange juice. So he got a little of everything. We also had fun talking and just visiting with each other. He is still babbling on the most part, but it's fun to just listen to him.

After lunch we played until I got called for a meeting. I swapped to the handsfree setup and took Jet upstairs with me and we played upstairs. Jet loved sitting in my seat and bashing away at the keyboard of the unpowered computer. He just likes being there. It turns out that Haley has some software for babies and toddlers that simply responds every time they hit the keyboard or move the mouse. Jet has some experience with the software to he was happily clicking away at the keyboard to start. When nothing happened he started hitting it harder and harder.


Looks like I have to buy him some software.

We played with his Whoozit book, with his puzzle cube that lets pieces of all shapes through all sides of the cube. He loves opening the side that opens and dumping everything out. He thought it was really funny t see me squiggling a piece to get it to go into a spot. Jet mostly just tries to push the piece through the plastic. He has no finesse, yet.

He did, however, have a blast while I was meeting. I was glad that I only had to respond occasionally and while Jet was talking as I was talking a few times, most of the folks didn't seem to mind. I'm glad of that. I think I helped out with a few items and it was good to get back into the flow of knowing what was going on.

Jet and I then headed down and started making an enchilada casserole. Jet refused to let me cook without him. He had to be in the sling. So I brought him up and he actually helped this time. I cut up the old corn tortillas, shredded chicken, grated cheese, and chopped onion. Jet watched me closely, and as I started sprinkling things into the casserole dish, he started to help me. I laid down two layers before Jet started in, and he decided that the cheese was fun to throw in, so he started throwing handfuls of cheese in while I was still trying to get sauce on things and get the last layer of tortilla strips onto things. He managed to get the last of it all in and then found some large pieces of onion and after watching me cut a few pieces, he put a couple on the cutting board and, unexpectedly, grabbed the knife!

I was about to yell, "No." when he reached over and neatly sliced the onion. So instead of getting mad or too concerned, I just put my hand over his and chopped up the onion with him. I actually think he might have done okay, as he saw the care with which I was treating the blade. He didn't like it when I touched the metal, trying to get a good grip that wouldn't get in his way or the blade's way. I think Jet knows, but I'll still be very careful every time he does get a knife.

We did okay. When he'd chopped the onions, we put the knife aside and he sprinkled the onions onto the casserole, too. We popped it into a hot oven and that's when John walked into the door.

I really should have sauteed the onions, as they were somewhat raw when the rest of the thing was bubbling and hot. But they lent crunch and bite along with the bite of the fire-roasted peppers in the Hatch enchilada sauce. It was really yummy. Jet even ate half a bowl of it along with the last of the taco meat from earlier in the week. He really likes the beef, and he dug a lot of it out to eat first.

After dinner, the painters arrived to announce that they were done. We got to talk with them a while as John wrote the check. Jet ran around, watching them for a while, and then when they got boring, he decided that the dug out circle around one of our trees was the ideal play are. He sat right down in the dirt and started digging with a stick. He got pretty deep, too by the time it was time to go back inside.

Jet had a really great evening. I played the Nick Jr. tape for him and he bopped, boogied and ran around and laughed at the Blue's Clue music. He really enjoyed that, but when the music turned to programs he didn't know he went and got his sneakers and gave them to me. I asked him if he wanted them on and he promptly sat in my lap and stuck his foot out. So I put them on him and he ran towards the door. John was happy to go out with him, and the two of them had a good, long walk together in the cooling dusk.

I'm afraid enough of the mosquitoes that I was glad to be able to just stay inside.

So Jet and John didn't get back until nearly nine. When John got some ice cream out, Jet popped off from nursing and ran between John and I getting alternate mouthfuls. When all the ice cream was gone, Jet came back and went to sleep nursing. I got some time, then to just write and watch the Summer Eats Unwrapped episode on pizza from East to West. The last portions of the show made me hungry for the Peking Duck pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.

It was a good day, all in all. I'm glad that Jet did well going back to his old schedule. I'm even happier to find him being a happier little guy that doesn't need to be around me all the time. He went off on his walk himself and while he does need his time with me, it's not all the time.

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