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June 19, 2003
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Underwater Jet

10:01 pm: A Rec. Center day. Jet did great in the morning at Jodie's, though he got a mosquito bite that swelled up huge. It was another bite on his forehead, and it just got enormous. To keep him from scratching at it too much, I put an Elmo Band-Aid on it, and he kept patting it with his hand, but was great and didn't scratch a thing until after we swam and he'd already pulled it off once anyway.

He was so tired, after getting home from there, that he went to sleep within blocks of leaving Jodie's house. He had stolen a toy from them, a plastic brush that he liked sucking on. He was sucking on it when he fell asleep, it was pretty funny looking back to see him sprawled asleep with the toy handle stuck out of his mouth. He pulled it out and threw it to the side when he halfway woke up on the way home.

That was helpful.

When he did get up he didn't eat a thing. We played downstairs for a while, and I worked with my laptop for a bit, before finally just giving up, as much because of my hands as anything. They're definitely getting worse. I really, really want my equipment, but it's not coming until next Wednesday, which is mildly discouraging, but it's good to know that it's actually going to get here. The interesting thing is realizing that it's problems I used to have before I got my ergonomic keyboard, so going back to it should be a useful and good thing.

We went to the Rec. Center, and it was hot, and we were both tired, and I got cranky when I found out that he was poopy. Took a while to change him, especially when he tried to reach down to 'help'. John came to the van and got barked at by me because I was so frustrated. We also didn't have any extra bags for any more diapers that might be generated while we were there. He was politic about it all and calmed me enough to get Jet to the kid care area and me up to the workout area. It was good to workout. I needed it badly.

I have always noticed that people going into the Rec. Center might be uptight or tense, but no one, going out, is ever uptight or tense, unless they just came to see their kid's game. Anyone that works out mellows out, and I was no exception.

Jet, too. He had a blast swimming. He was experimenting with being underwater. He'd dunk himself underwater and walk a few steps, come up for air and do it again and again, and again. I was a little concerned at first, but he was doing just great with the breath control stuff, and was learning a lot. His eyes were wide, wide open when he went under, and he was looking at everything. Eventually, he tried getting on John's and my backs from underwater. He didn't want any help. He wanted to see where we were, get to where we were and find foot and handholds while in the water! That was pretty cool.

Then he sat on my tummy for a while and gently pushed me back. I would go back into the water and blow bubbles furiously for a bit before he's let up on the very mild pressure, and I'd come back up again. He was very, very serious while we were doing that, and studied me carefully with each round. We did that a dozen or two times before he suddenly smiled, stood up, and jumped on me a few times. I had to laugh. So I came up, blowing lots of laughing bubbles.

About half an hour after we got into the pool, Jet got out of it at the far end. He looked around to we wondered if he wanted to get into a lazy river or climb up to the slide, but he started talking about fish. It took us a little while, but we finally figured out that he really wanted to eat some goldfish crackers. He smiled big when we headed towards the showers.

We decided to go to Deli Ciosos, right across the street. While we were ordering, Jet pulled a penny out of the extra penny container that was read by the cash register. No one minded, though we thought he couldn't do much with one penny. Jet immediately headed for the candy machines, put his penny in a machine that was clearly marked for quarters, and managed to get a handful of candy. We were all impressed. So he got to eat his candy, piece by piece, while we waited for food. For some reason the restaurant was very busy, I guess Thursday nights are pretty busy. Instead of buying the usual soda pop, I went over to the bar and ordered a plain soda water. The guy only charged me 75 cents, and told me to keep quiet about it, since the price for regular pop was over a dollar.

I was really glad that I tried to get a plain soda water. I've gotten into the habit of just drinking seltzer, rather than sugared pop, it really seems like they are calories I don't need. My potato and machaca chimichanga had plenty of calories that tasted wonderful, especially with the "mild" green chili sauce they put on top of it.

The really wonderful thing was that when Jet ran out of candy, and had run around the table three times, he just sat in his chair, played with his cars and trains, and was very quiet. He didn't demand anything else, though he didn't eat his quesadilla, either. He did eat a few tortilla chips, with salsa. He also grabbed the salt shaker, calling it sugar, poured a handful into his mouth, and got the most peculiar look on his face. After drinking a lot of his pop, he looked at his hand and said quietly, "Salt." I think he'll remember the difference from now on.

Jet fell asleep on the way home, but when we got home John picked him up and took them over to the neighbors. They were out jumping on their trampoline. Jet woke up pretty quickly, and went out to jump as well. He had a grand time, got more tired, but was very cheerful when he finally came into the house. A bit of warm milk, PJ's, and a good brushing of teeth made him ready for bed. He went to sleep almost immediately after latching on. He was very tired, but we managed to keep them awake until about 9

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