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June 20, 2003
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Massage and Tomato Cages

John had a meeting at 10 this morning, which was going to last two hours. So he went into work instead of me. He dropped Jet off at Joan's, and I picked him up. He went right to sleep when he got home, and when he woke up John was there. John had come home at noon, so at two I was able to go to CeLena's for my massage.

I really needed the massage. Everything was aching pretty badly. With all the news stretching techniques, and all the new things I've been trying I probably pulled more muscles than I helped. She was very sympathetic, and really worked over the parts that ached the most. It was a pretty painful process, but well worth it as I felt much better immediately afterwards.

When I went home, John was still furiously busy with work, so I nursed Jet and we went outside and played. Jet was very happy to stay in the sandbox, while I worked on the tomatoes. I still had four cages to put together, and was able to cuts and spend two of them before John finished what he was doing. He was very cool and came out to help me with the cages, as he knew that I really wanted to get them done by the end of this weekend. I did all the cutting, as the bolt cutters were very easy on my hands. John did the hard work of bending all the wires to close the cages on themselves.

Before the mosquitoes came out, we had cages for all the plants and had even cut the lower wires off of the cages that I had previously made. With the lowest wire off, all of the vertical wires could go into the ground and stabilize the cages even more. I really liked the new design. Also, it turned out that all the cages were so close together that they probably will support each other in a high wind. That was cool.

I was pretty hungry. I forgot to eat lunch, so I went in to boil water for spaghetti. While I was there, I realize that it would be just as easy to use frozen shrimp as pre-made sauce. So I chopped shallots and garlic while the shrimp defrosted in cold running water. By the time I was done mincing, the shrimp were entirely defrosted and ready to be shelled. I followed Tyler Florence's recipe for sauteed shrimp, added a little seafood stock concentrate to my homemade chicken broth and it turned out wonderful. John cooked the noodles, toasted bread, and made salad. So we had a great meal when I thought we weren't going to eat much of anything. Yay for trying!

Jet, however, seems to be coming down with a cold. He was sneezing all afternoon, and we've been blowing his nose a lot. I may be coming down with it too. I feel kind of stuffy, so I drank some Echinacea tea, but I really think it's too late. We'll see.

Jet actually went to sleep quite easily, but half an hour after he went to sleep a huge thunderstorm came by. There was thunder and lightning. The thunder was so close that it shook the house, and Jet woke up crying. I nursed him back to sleep and took him up myself. I don't think that tonight's going to be a good night for any of us

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