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June 18, 2003
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9:14 pm: For some reason I keep thinking today's the 19th.

I made one adjustment at work. I plugged the mouse into the laptop and put it in my lap. It made quite a difference. I was very glad to find that my shoulders and neck were much better with my laptop up on my work surface, rather than in my lap, but my arms felt it every time I had to type.

Luckily, I'm doing a lot of screen shots, which means a lot of mouse manipulation, but not too much typing. So I did pretty well.

John and I worked with Ray's daughter and had her baby-sit Jet for the whole afternoon. So we went to lunch with everyone to Jayne's cafe in Longmont, and then went back to work for a bit until it was time to leave to get to go see X2.

I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the characterizations. I even liked all the deviations from the original plot of the comicbook because, on the most part, they were all done within the original spirit of the books. The one thing I did NOT like was an inconsistency that just made me mad. I liked who they found for Kurt Wagner, and his take on the characterization.

The bit about Jean Grey's sacrifice, though, pushed a lot of buttons, as it was The Biggest Plot Thing of the X-Men in my childhood. It was the first remembered comicbook plot happening that I CARED about, and it was interesting to see what they did with that.


Anyway. I thought it was better than the first movie, but John didn't really appreciate all my muttered asides. There was only us and one other guy in the theater, so I think it's on its way out with Hulk and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen coming in. I really want to see the latter, though having Ang Li direct the first is rather fascinating.

We got home an hour earlier than we thought we would. Jet hadn't eaten anything all day, so I fed him some ramen, some Cheez-Its, and we spent a little time outside. Jet played in the sand box, John called people or talked with them on the phone, and I cut cages for my tomato plants. The bolt cutter worked wonders. I could just snip the wires as if they were nothing. Leverage is my friend. So I got two cages done in the time it had taken me to just cut the first one. I got them planted, and pulled the branches of the plants they were on through the fencing and trained them through whatever next square of the cage there was. I still have to figure out how to use these. John says his parents just pushed the branches back into the cage, but I keep thinking that there has to be *some* support. But he may well be right.

The mosquitoes came out. I didn't get bit, I think, because I was moving so much, but I think Jet might not have been so lucky.

John played Crash Team Racing with Jet and I cheering. Jet eventually wanted attention, so he tackled John at very intense moments. Oops. Finally, we went back upstairs, had ice cream, Jet got his warm milk, and he went right to sleep at 9!! Which is very unusual for him. I'm glad, though.

Quiet time.

A better day. I think having the time off has helped my arms a lot. So I'm looking forward to July. John and I did some planning, tonight, called some people to see about staying with them. I'm going to be emailing more people tomorrow to figure things out.


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