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June 10, 1999
a year ago

Done One Thing

The morning was cool and grey and cloudy and I relaxed for the first time in a long time. Drove to work with one of John's lovely and potent mochas in the drink carrier. John drank most of his before we even got to work and then went for more coffee.

A pretty good day. Busy in a lot of ways, as I plugged steadily through more of the problem and figured a few things out as I went along. Part of the problem with evolved code is not knowing where it came from. The other problem is not really knowing why it got where it was, and finally the last and worst problem is figuring out how to change it so that it doesn't break other things that really do seem necessary.

Felt pretty confident about it so I actually went and did the stationary bike at lunch time. Burrito Guy came to the rescue again and I had lunch while John had a lunch meeting. I then spent a lot of the afternoon beating on the problem and figuring out a few things I didn't like seeing. A big 4pm meeting and then I actually got it all implemented. Did a quick code review with John and got things to look like they'll work becuase I don't really know how much testing they're going to really have when things get around to being used. By then it was 7:30 and I hadn't really built a release version and still hadn't checked everything in. I really hate checking things in that haven't been tested, but I'll hand it over to Kevin, checkpoint the project and then if he likes what he sees on Monday or Tuesday, it looks like it'll go. So it really did take most of a week.


Then again, I've been doing things other than this fix, and it was pretty interesting to get into the code again. Put that mindset back on.

8 p.m. is when we have to leave to get Kathy from the airport. This is going to be an interesting squeeze. Okay, it's all done and I have fifteen minutes for dinner. Ha.

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