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June 9, 1999
a year ago


Started this morning by getting the wading pool out of the box and setting it up on the shaded porch and putting a good two inches of water in it. Enough to keep the sides up, not enough to be a real waste of water, and then stuck Fezzik in it a bit so that he'd know it was there and that it was okay to get into. He looked kinda tentative, but studied the water with interest. I think he gets it.

His back legs were doing better this morning, so I feel a bit stupid about everything; but I think it will be good to have them check him out and we'll see what we can see. It will also simply be good to have a vet established for him that won't take extra work to set up in the future.

It may well just be that he isn't really getting enough exercise lying around his yard all day, though there's an entire acre for him to run around in and he runs around to bark at things, it seems. But maybe the daily walks in Redmond really did help keep his leg muscle tone up, and it's starting to atrophe because he doesn't have a good reason to use them, so slacks off when we're not around. John says that it might just be that his legs fall asleep when he's lying around watching things. That might be the case.

Part of my problem is that everything, everything is an extra effort at the moment. Normal things that I normally didn't have to think about in Seattle I now have to think about, establish, find, or sort through. Something as simple as getting my teeth cleaned at a dentist now takes finding a dentist. Or getting my hair trimmed, re-dyed along the ends, and getting my legs waxed, all take *finding* someone compitent, first.

Got to work in the Passat and I enjoyed driving. That machine is still a beauty to drive and it has adapted to the high altitude with no problem. The chip in its engine and fuel feeds seems to know what it's doing and it hasn't lost a bit of power. Nice to have something so familiar back into my life.

Work isn't as hard as I thought it was. Not really. There is stuff, but Steve's done a hell of a lot to make it truly reasonable. So... I think that it should work out, and we had a few meetings in the morning to bear that out.

Had lunch with a new-hire, which was really, really cool. Good to get to know him and good to just sit and talk and find things out. After lunch we got to see Steve's puppy, who is a six-month-old half yellow Lab and half golden Retriever mix who is all energy and wiggly fun. Chewing everything and getting into everything. Made me really want a puppy again. Maybe companionship for Fezzik, again. All those thoughts again. I dunno. Last night, for a good half hour, Fezzik just lay next to me and nudged me whenever I stopped petting him, so I just rubbed him down a lot. Also took the opportunity to brush his fur some. We'll have to zoom off most of the fur on his belly again to keep him cool for the hotter summers here.

He's still just so cheerful and I'm kinda sad that he's getting so old, now. I should put more of his stories up, there were so many of them.

Ah well. Puppy thoughts. Puppies with floppy ears and nibbling teeth and all kinds of not-quite-habits yet that need to be dealt with. Lots of work, but Fezzik might have someone to cuddle up with, then when we're gone at work and stuff. Though I think he really likes lording it over his yard, and I guess he's used to being alone. It's all rationalization anyway as I figure he really will just accept whatever we decide. He's a dog. He doesn't even complain much, though he used to bark at us when he was frustrated with us, he doesn't do much of that anymore.

There was just so many times when we did try getting another dog that Fezzik looked like he was feeling slighted by all the things and time and attention he had to share. Then again, we have a number of friends, now who have a younger dog with their older dog and the older dog gets into better shape with a younger dog chasing them around. They do pretty well, too.

Took a lot of time today to tackle the rest of the problem, but didn't quite hit it as frantically, there hasn't been any time limit conveyed to me, so I have no idea how urgent it might be or might not be. So I don't know if there is a lot that I have to do or not. Given that there wasn't enough urgency for people to tell me the urgancy, I thought I just shouldn't push myself so hard. And given all that, it was a lot easier to work on it.



The cable company still has no clue. No clue whatsoever. Their installation manager quit on 'em when we were in the queue for installation and they only just hired a new one. They marked our lawn and put flags everywhere and still haven't dug anything and the lines are fading.

So when we got home, it was raining. Thunderstorm kinds of rain. Big booming thunder and sheets of water and when we got to Fezzik he was really wet and really happy and bouncing all over the yard. So much for bad legs. He ran here and there and everywhere, barking at the thunder.

The other amusing thing was that when we went up the back porch, the water dish, which is normally empty by the time we get home, was still as full as we left it. He'd been using the wading pool as a giant water dish, and the pool itself still had damp footprints around it. Finally, all evening, he just wanted to be outside in the rain rather than inside with us. So much for loneliness. He really does like being on his own when there are things that interest him and he really has evolved into being really independent and happy that way. He just stayed out all evening, getting soaking wet and prefered lying by himself out on the front porch to bark at the coyotes and the thunder to coming into the warm house to get petted.

So I don't think I'm going to worry about that again for a while.

Dinner was a quick stop at the Italian deli I'd been eyeing for quite a long while. The sandwiches were really large, meaty and yummy. But they were mostly a sandwich deli not a buy-really-exotic-stuff kind of deli the way DeLaurenti's in Seattle is. Yummy food, enormous brownies and yummy little cheesecakes from Boulder Cheesecake Company.

Betty and her son John came over to visit later in the evening. She's someone we knew well from the ECC in Seattle, and she was flying through after a wedding in Ohio and visiting with her son near here. So it was really fun to watch and talk and share the new house and stuff. She really liked it a lot. That was really cool. And it was really, really keen to walk out into the pattering wet to open the gate for them. I just stood out there revelling in the wetness. The wind here is much higher than nearly any time in Seattle; but then there aren't nearly the trees to stop it, either.

After they left, I took a long, hot bath with one of the old rose bath bombs. With age, the reaction does take longer, so the fizzing bubbling boil took half a minute instead of just a few seconds. I'm going to have to see if the new bombs are as fast as the old ones were when they were fresh. All the ingrediants have aged just as much time, so it might be cool to know that they don't boil as hard as they did when everything was brand new. But I did use all the baking soda I had bought with the last batch, so I might be getting new stuff, too.

The rose bath was wonderful, sweetly scented and I nearly fell asleep in the tub. Yum. Sleep was easy and quick after that and everything was relaxed. The rain pattered on the windows steadily. It was, definitely, a much better day.

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