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June 15, 1999
a year ago

Small Discoveries

For all that the title to this web page is the Adventures of Liralen Li, I'm not all that physically adventurous. Mostly this is an internal adventure, which is why it's all journaled. I mean, if I were mostly a physical adventurer, I'd likely not write it down unless someone pressured me to do it. I'd rather be out doing things than writing about doing things.

For me, there's something about returning to the action and figuring out what it might teach me for some other day. The simple act of examination usually shows me something that I wouldn't have noticed, otherwise.

Today was pretty quiet. Kathy and I had to get up kinda early because the Fairy Housecleaner, Frankie, showed up around 8:30 and we really wanted to be awake to stay out of her way. Frankie is pretty astonishing and really cool. She's decided that house cleaning is her calling, she gets to take care of a lot of people in a way she really knows, and while she used to work at a high-tech company the pressure and the mechanical nature of it all kinda turned her off. She's happier doing what she's doing and really does it well. She normally vacuums the whole house, cleans all the bathrooms, dumps the garbage, and dusts pretty much everything. It's amazing to see how thorough she is in reality, and it really makes a difference for my allergies and everything.

Kathy and I hung around the house in the morning, not so much to watch as I didn't get up enough desire to do much else. We had fun talking with Frankie, with watching Food TV, and with just puttering about, finding a bit of food to eat and then playing with Fezzik, pens and other things while Frankie cleaned, commented, and told us about her vacation.

She'd taken her first week off in a few years, and some of her customers were upset with her for doing that. John says, quite rightly, if he ever gets to be like that that I should just shoot him. To be that locked into routine and completely unable to cope with someone else's schedule is just crazy. But I was very impressed that with her first week of in a long, long time, what she did was decide to paint her house! I would not do that in *my* time off.

That was really fun.

The day itself was gray and drizzling again. Kathy says that she usually brings rain to desert places when she visits which didn't really explain why it rained every day when she came to visit in Seattle, either, but that's something else, I guess.

After noon, Frankie had left, it was still kinda cold outside to sit outside and read or anything, so Kathy pursuaded me to have enough courage and gumption to go to Albo's pizza in Niwot. I love their pizza and thought I should at least share it with Kathy, so we went there and ate. She really liked the thin crust, too. So that was well worth it.

It was really fun and interesting to talk through relationship dynamics with Kathy. How she's noticed that mine have changed or differ from hers, and vice versa. She'll go out and explore herself, sometimes, and she's really noticed that I get a lot of my motivation from John. And it's really true that John usually knows what he wants to do and I follow, support, or do stuff to make it happy, but I rarely come up with the gumption myself.

So that afternoon, Kathy asked me what I really wanted to try and do and I finally figured out that I really wanted to go to South Boulder and find the Shuttles, Spindles and whatever knitting place down there as well as look for used bookstores. So we drove in that general direction to look, with the goal that we'd go back home if we kept going after 3 p.m. without finding anything. We were supposed to meet John at home around 6 to get Kathy to her plane on time. That all worked out beautifully.

We wandered through S Boulder, found no bookstores, but we did find the knitting shop. Kathy spotted the 20 foot tall YARN sign, which was very good because I was concentrating on driving, and we went in and I loved the place. Instant love. Problem is that my hands are such that my mental state has been that I've given up all my fiber arts. Kathy has had to, too, with her hands; so with both of us it was a kind of OOooo and Aaaahhh... but, darn I really can't *do* much with this, until I saw the Toasty Toes yarn. It's hand painted yarns with all kinds of shades of blue, green, teal and occassional streaks of purple. All sea colors and lovely deep colors at that. Finally the stuff is made with Super Wash merino, soft and fine and lovely and one can toss the finished articles in the washer and they'll be fine with the new Super Wash finishes!! So I had to get some.

Then for nostalgia's sake, I also bought a skein of lace weight brown merino. The new spinning processes allow production spinning to produce something just about as fine and soft as what I've ever produced. More even too, though that goes somewhat without saying. Enough knitters, now are interested in the lace weight yarns that they're able to sell it at a good enough price to do well with it, and I really, really am glad of that. It's a good thing to have happen.

After all that, we went home, occassionally stopping at various strip malls to look for used bookstores, but not really finding any. I'm either going to have to look harder, or in completely different areas.

We got home around 4, and since we hadn't been doing video games all day, I felt that it would be cool to show Kathy Parasite Eve and had fun running through some of the preliminary story stuff. But it was kinda boring, so I decided to run through the end sequence because I hadn't done that yet with my coolest character. Kathy really thought it was funny, and much like Pokemon, especailly when I was running back and forth through the Hot Spots looking for Things to Kill so that I could go up a level. That was really cool.

I then went through the nerve-wracking sequence with the Ultimate Being's constant evolution. And I was getting louder and louder, and swearing and sweating more and more to Kathy's amusement. It was really funny, I'll admit, but I was swearing a blue streak by the time I had to run away from the beastie, and I was running and running and then got caught at the very, very last turn by the non-obvious graphics and I swore lots when the thing killed me and ended the game. Kathy was much bemused. I adrenaline kicked, but good.

Kathy wanted to see what games had come with Parasite Eve, so we looked at some of the demos. After seeing a demo of Bushido Blade II, she wanted to try out Bushido Blade, so we set it up in training mode. It is pretty much ultra-violent, and she had enough of it pretty quick. I'd warned her mildly. Then we had a really funny time trying to get it *out* of training mode when the 'hit Start and Status (or whatever that other button is) simultaneously' didn't work. Between pauses I'd go and whack a few of her training opponents and that was pretty amusing to do.

John got home soon after that, and we all piled into the car and drove down to DIA and parked and got Kathy all set to go. We had dinner at a little Mexican grill in Concourse B that was really yummy. Absolutely enormous quesadillas with plenty of cheese, meat and stuff to go on top.

We were talking the whole time. I think my voice is far enough gone that I'm not even using my dictation tools much. It was a lot of fun to have her here; and I was sad to see her go, but it was very good to see her safely onto her plane after the fiasco of her flight out here. I really enjoy talking with her in email and on the phone, but it was very, very nice to have her right here for a while and even nicer to share all the few things I have discovered her so far.

We got home pretty late and I ate a few more of the lychee jellies and it was good.

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