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June 17, 1999
a year ago

Dinner, Business and Blastus

Dinner worked out really well.

We had Ryan, Francis and Jonathan, but they'd eaten, though Jonathan hadn't eaten at home, so was hungry. Ray, Joan, and Alex arrived soon after Bob did. John ordered pizza from the new delivery place in Erie, and then we took everyone on the penny tour of the house. By the time everyone had either John's stout or my root beer or ginger beer, the pizza came and we all dove into a large pepperoni and a large Canadian bacon and pineapple.


Fezzik kept getting in everyone's way trying to trip someone for their pizza; but we shut him outside for a bit and when he came back his attention was riveted on me. But he lay down nicely, eventhough Alex was flopping on him in all directions and hugging him hugely. Alex has a Great Dane at home so has no fear of Large Dogs. Jonathan was a little more tentative to Fezzik's relief. That was pretty funny to watch.

When we were all done with the pizza and we fed Fezzik he went outside to lie on the porch and just watch things from outside.

It's nice to have a tribe.

Very nice to have people that have the same ideas and the same background and the same principles in a large company that hasn't had the same feelings. I have cohorts, allies, people that will fight the same fights I want to get into and do and figure out. This is very, very cool. It was really cool to just sit and talk and bounce things again with everyone in a room and it was very nice to have the shared history and the shared need to figure out all this new stuff. It was good.

They left early because the little kids all needed to get home and go to sleep. Which was nice, as they were all out of the house around 9 p.m.. So I was able to sit down and play Parasite Eve. I just had the last bit to do, again. I did it much more cleanly than the first time, even had a full Revive that got my PE back up as well as my hit points with the very last nasty and then I had to *run*. Run Run Run Run Run... and I made it. Hoorah!

I was completely shaking by the time it was done. John was grinning at me and hi-5'ed while the ending movies were playing. Then the EX game data saved as clear data, which erased all my old hit points and all the things that I had done the first time through, including all the points that I'd invested in my reaction time. It did, however, give me 3000 bonus points that I could use as I liked as well as the very gnarly armor and even more gnarly rifle that I'd had engraved. It was pretty funny, running through the levels that I'd had to fight so hard to get through initially and the rifle is just blasting everything and the armor is turning away nearly all the damage. That was pretty interesting. Most of my studliness seems to have been from my equipment.

Pretty keen. John fell asleep watching the end movie and woke up near the beginning sequences again, so he went to bed. I played through the first day and a half again and then went to sleep.

I dreamed of methodically killing level and levels of monsters.

Woke up pretty happy, and we wandered over to see Ray's new house, he's moving within a mile of us, and it looks really keen. We then went back to Erie, got fresh donuts at the Conoco, which has them daily, and then went to work.

Got a bunch of things done. Bob wandered over at lunchtime and asked if I was going to eat lunch. The burrito guy never showed, so I said, sure. John was in a lunch meeting again, so we walked over to a deli that I didn't know existed. It was further back in the business complex than I knew to look and it was a very nice, long walk. I did manage to get one of the International Priority Mail boxes, so that I could pack it full of stuff for Genevieve.

That was fun. A good mile or two's worth of walking really helped me feel better and I was completely out of breath for it, which means that I can probably build some endurance that way. That was very useful indeed.

Spent the afternoon in the meeting and then writing stuff up for the meeting and figuring a lot of things out. Including the huge, long list of things that I have to do tomorrow. There's uncertainty on my part on what's expected of me when with the outside stuff. I'll have to simply resolve that tomorrow.

We stopped by the Asian market on the way back home and I actually found most of the things Kathy had brought! Which was very nice indeed. The only things that I didn't find were the jellies. Darn. But nearly all of the Japanese foodstuffs that Kathy had pointed out one way or another were on the shelves there. That was good to know. We bought some of it, including a few pounds of jasmine rice and sushi rice, as I was getting low on the sushi rice and had run out of the jasmine. I like jasmine better than just the long-grain rice, though they're very similar in structure and textures. There's just a bit more scent to the jasmine.

We got home around 7:30 and I started salting the salmon. It all took longer than I thought it would and I ended up with a lot more sushi than we could all eat. Fezzik loved the leftovers, and both John and I were really full afterwards. John played Spyro while I wrote down lists and lists of things I have to do tomorrow at work. That worked very well for getting it all out of my brain.

A surprise arrived in the mail, too, from Genevieve! I expected a paperback book from her, but in addition she'd included a Smif drawing of Blastus, the character that I'd written for Liber Servitorium. It was dead-on as to what I thought the character should look like; and it was really, really flattering to find that the description was good enough that the artist took inspiration from it and could draw it so solidly dead-on. I loved it. It's kinda cool to have some original art for the very character that I created for others to use.

So I felt pretty good after that, and was able to just fall asleep. Admittedly, the long, long walk probably helped significantly with that. Flomp. Hoorah!

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