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March 6, 2000
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Good and Not Too Busy

I woke up at 7 this morning. The carpet folks were supposed to arrive between 8 and 9 and I wanted to be completely ready for them. So, yes, knowing that other people are going to show up is a good reason for me to get up in the morning. I got in a shower, found breakfast, and the myself together before he showed up. I got plenty of advanced warning when he called to ask directions to the house. It was good to know that I had at least 20 minutes before he was going to be there, so I got in feeding Fezzik and getting ready to get to work afterwards. I even packed lunch and put it where I couldn't forget it, right on top of everything else.

When the measurement guy showed up, I took him down to the basement and I was surprised by how much light there was down there. Phil had done an amazing job. Between the high ceilings, the big windows, and a white paint the basement was exceptionally well lit. The carpet guy was pretty impressed with it all as well, until he started measuring. Then he told me, "You do know that carpet rolls come in 15 and 11 foot widths?" From that, I figured that the estimate was going to be higher than what we had originally thought it would be, as the sizes of the rooms were odd compared to the widths of normal carpet rolls. The thing is, we really like the rooms the way they are laid out, and I don't think we would have changed the layout simply to get cheaper carpet. He was extraordinarily thorough, and even mapped everything out onto grid paper to take back with him. The whole time we were doing the measurements, Fezzik fidgeted at the top of the stairs, whimpering and whining even when I asked him to come down the stairs. I don't think he likes the steepest of the stairs, and hasn't come down them since we moved in.

I didn't really have that much to do at work today. Bob arrives Wednesday, and we'll probably get pretty busy after that. So I talked with Geoff, talked with Genevieve, and worked with Cary with a conceptual problem he was having with one of our communication utilities. Lunch was just my leftover beef stew, and John called around 2 to tell me all about his day. Before he left, I made him promise to tell me everything about what he ate. So he had fun telling me about what he had found to eat today. It was nearly 10 p.m. his time, and the skew between times was fairly pronounced. It was fun to find out how he was doing, what he was up to, and it was good to know that he was okay. I also talked over the car problems with him, and he thought it was just fine for me to take it to a garage rather than trying to deal with it myself.

So I did schedule a checkup with a Volkswagen specialist that was within walking distance of work. If they really had to work on it for a while, I could actually get to work and back on foot. So I think I covered everything, and it was nice to not have to deal with it today, especially since I had to deal with the carpet folks in the morning. They did call back with an estimate that was higher than the old one, and the additional job of filling in the expansion joints. I told them that Phil might choose to do the expansion joints, so to leave that as an option. They didn't have a problem with that, so long as I told them before they actually did the job. John said he might talk to Phil to find out what was up with that. So that was taking care of.

I do have to admit that after talking with John I missed him more, perhaps, than before.

Talking with Geoff during the day was a joy. We did really well, and he helped immensely with my own feelings of loneliness and having to deal with more on my plate than I'm used to having to deal with. There are just some types of communication that are a great comfort to me.

I went directly to CeLena's for my massage appointment from work. This session was far better than last week's. I did start by telling her that I had bruises from last week, and she scaled down on the forces she was applying to my tension points. Also, since I was less stressed emotionally than I was last week, I was able to relax into what she did do. I ended up feeling far more relaxed, and far less tied up into knots. It was also soothing simply to be touched all over. She did quite a lot of work on my back, legs, and shoulders, and we found out that all my wrenching around of my right shoulder and arm really made things sore all the way down into my back. It really is amazing how this massage thing is teaching me about how many parts of my body are connected and affect each other.

Afterwards, I went to the pizza and chicken wings place that John usually goes to on massage night, and I ordered a 12 piece chicken wing order to go. They were showing Greed on the TV, so I watched while I waited for the wings to cook. I really don't like this show as much as the other millionaire making shows, it just seems too conflict-oriented for me to be comfortable with watching it for long. The wings came out hot and ready, and I hopped back into Borax to go home.

Fezzik, of course, was waiting for me, and I shucked two of the wing sections into his food bowl, pulling off all the skin and meat for him, and tossing the bones into my pile of bones. He really liked the spicy food, and started watching me eat while standing right at my elbow. I made him back off, and gradually finished my dinner.

All the things I had ordered on the Internet last week arrived today. It was a little bit like Christmas, I had quill pens and one old Esterbrook from Pendemonium. Upton Tea sent the one-person teapot along with a sample of an extra special grade of pi lo chung, which is an exquisitely delicate green tea with the caffeine punch of a bad coffee. Last, but not least, was my order from Levenger, which contained three notebooks with brightly colored covers a clear plastic in blue, green, and yellow and a package of two one-sheet cutters. The last thing is a really cool device with a blade that cuts only one sheet of paper at a time, so it is perfect for cutting coupons. Sadly, the fold and tear technique I've used for my entire life actually irritates my wrists, so these cutters should help with that.

Afterwards, I didn't feel like going to sleep quite yet, so I made myself a pot of chrysanthemum tea in my new teapot and took it upstairs while I dictated a few entries from the last week. The straw colored tea tasted like spring sunshine, cool and crisp with a hint of sweetness and the warmth and body of sweet hay. The perfume of the tea filled the small office, and it was a good comfort while I wrote about the previous week. The teapot itself was made for British hotel use, so it is extraordinarily solid, easy to clean, and pours gracefully. I really am glad I bought it, as I don't have a 12 oz. pot at home. I use the one at work constantly, and felt that I would use this one frequently.

Afterwards, I took a well-salted bath, and tumbled into bed around midnight. A few weeks ago I mail ordered a five foot long pillow to sleep with while John was away. It nearly is about the size of the body, though much softer, and it was like being able to hug a teddy bear as long as I as I went to sleep. It really does help, since I am used having another body in the bed. It even retains body heat for a short while, which was very nice. A good substitute when, sometimes, I don't sleep as well without John here.

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