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March 7, 2000
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Today was a listless day for me. I did have a meeting, but work wasn't particularly busy. There were a few things I could help other people with, but little that I could do myself. John did call at the usual time, and I enjoyed speaking with him and listening to his story of the day and the dinner he had. I did manage to help with three different code reviews, things people were changing needed double checked. That was good. I also got all my journal entries up from dictating last night.

I didn't have too much reason to get home, either, so I didn't get home until fairly late. I made dinner, fed Fezzik, and at 9:30 I called Geoff. He said it would be okay to call and today and tomorrow, and I was busy yesterday and tomorrow I have an appointment to have my hair done by Linda in Longmont. It is cool that Geoff is willing to provide support while John is gone, and he and I haven't spoken on the phone much before.

Part of it is that I don't particularly like my voice. It sounds too young to me, and the other part is that, being an introvert, I just don't usually speak to people voluntarily. I do, however, have long conversations with just about anybody that I really like when I can speak with them one-on-one. I just don't usually call. In this case, however, Geoff said it would be okay, and since we seem to have no problems finding something to talk about online, it seemed likely might find something to talk about on the phone.

We talked until midnight. That surprised me, somewhat, but it was very fun just to ramble on about things, anything and everything. Afterwards, I was pretty content, and not quite so lonely, so getting to sleep was easy. I still didn't sleep quite as well as I usually do, I think I still miss having John in the bed, but I did okay.

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