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March 8, 2000
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Good Progress

I got up really early this morning, in order to make it into Boulder before my eight o' clock appointment with the automotive shop. They actually did a really good job on the Passat, including showing me exactly what was leaking, it turns out to be just a gasket around the oil pan, rather than the plug itself. The gasket looks like it will take some money to fix, but they said that it didn't really need to be fixed. I really like shops that tell me what I don't have to do, as well as what might be coming up. They actually checked my brake pads, and told me that they were two-thirds of the way worn. The oil change cost more than the Quick Lube, but I had quite a lot more confidence that they did it right, used the right filter and the correct grade of oil. They replaced the crush gasket on the plug, so I imagine it was torqued down too hard, and these guys didn't.

If John actually doesn't do the work the Passat needs in the future, I may well come back to these guys and have them do the work.

Bob is here! Hurrah!

We actually didn't have any meetings in the morning, as some people were too busy with other things. Just before lunchtime Bob came by to tell me that he was going to his house for lunch, and I asked to go with him, because I wanted to see his new house. We said that we would find some fast food on the way back to work, and Steve said he might be late to our two o'clock meeting, so we pushed everything back another 15 minutes.

The day itself was gorgeous, sunny and warm, and the drive out to Bob's place was really fun. We got to talk, and then we got to examine his house, which is framed, as most of the walls, and they are mudding all the wall joints. The place is exceptionally open, and the back of the house faces on a golf course, so the view is really nice and it almost looks as if the house is on an enormous piece of property. We also got to see one of the model homes, that was exactly the same floor plan as his. That one was completely finished so we could see how all the rooms were laid out and how they played together. There is some really nice open-space that allows communication between the kitchen, the living room, and even the bedrooms upstairs. It looks really nice.

On the way back to work, we were almost resigned to going to McDonald's for lunch. Luckily, I spotted a small Mexican cafe with a really awful exterior that promised very cheap and probably very good food. The parking lot was half full, so we decided to chance it. It turned out to be a very good call, because the food was excellent, spicy, fresh, and really well-made. Also, lunch for the both of us was less than eight dollars. You can't beat that with a stick.

The afternoon was fun. We had a lot to get through, a lot to get done, and the meeting turned into a four-hour affair that went through a lot of details that I couldn't have thought of alone. We hashed it out completely, brought in marketing and support to get their okays and some of the limitations on what we could do turned out to be just fine with them. So we got closure on what we needed to do.

John called late, and managed to catch me before I left for home, and he had fun talking about going out with a co-worker and his family to a pizza parlor in France. He was very sleepy, as it was very late there, and when he told me the name of the pizza place he also added, "Everything sounds French here." That made me laugh very hard, and he figured it out pretty quickly and laughed with me. Poor, tired John. He is actually getting quite a lot done where he is, that he couldn't get done from here, so I wouldn't be surprised if he makes more trips in the future. He seems to be pretty happy with what he is able to get done there, and it sounds like he is enjoying the exploration of a completely new place. That is good, even if I do miss him terribly.

I invited Bob come over for dinner, as I had the hair appointment tomorrow, and Bob wanted to see the basement sometime. So I just fed Bob some of the leftover curry and coconut rice. He brought dessert and a salad from Whole Foods as well as some Guinness. The leftover Guinness he left for John for when he comes home. We talked about the area, about the pains of moving, and some of the things he and his family were doing to get ready for the change. He also really enjoyed the basement, liked the high ceilings and all the detailed and well-done finish work that Phil was doing. I really do think he may hire Phil when they want their basement done. That's good.

After Bob left, Fezzik shoved his head in my lap for much petting. I mostly sat there for half an hour kneading the back of his neck and scratching his ears. I think he misses John for the mornings, and I'm more distracted in the evenings. I think I will always be astonished when Fezzik comes to me for attention, and he enjoys it so much when I do give him attention when he asks for it. He is so independent otherwise. Fezzik also asked for and got much petting from Bob as well. Everyone really likes him, and I think, in some way, he knows that.

I also had fun watching more Utena tonight. A few of the previous evenings I have been watching the tapes and enjoying the stories and how they fit together. It made it easier to wait until 9:30.

So, I had fun talking with Geoff again, this time only until a little after 11. Both of us were tired from yesterday and today's works, but it was as comforting as yesterday. One of the really great things is knowing that he considers my family as being as important to me as his writing is to him. This translates into the fact that he is as likely to mess with my marriage with John and I would be to mess up his writing, which means not at all. If anything, he encourages me with my marriage, helping me to figure out better ways to keep its strong and make it stronger. That really helps at a gut level.

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