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March 21, 2000
a year ago
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Mostly spent today recovering.

Talked thoroughly with Geoff, in email and a little online, about the consequences of my writing and if I would. Maybe I should just do it and not worry. He is suddenly tremendously busy and it should last through to my visit with him. Probably a good thing. He was good about reassuring me and we talked it all the way through. That's one thing that I'll never want to give up, if possible, the ability to work it all the way through with him really helps me figure what is going on, really, with me which give me the ability to figure out what I really want to do.

I'm gradually coming to the conclusion that this relationship, or even just friendship for those who have problems thinking of two people who are close almost solely on-line and whom have never met each other, has already been good for me. Useful in getting over a lot of the old scars that I've carried from Mark, and even in figuring out what was really just me, so that I can deal with what I have control over. And that really does include dealing with the sharper side of what and who I am. Geoff's helped me feel better about myself in a lot of ways, and given me enough insights that have helped with my marriage with John as well. Definitely nothing to regret, and a whole lot that I really don't want to lose.

The only real thing I had today was an interview, which included having lunch with him and someone from another group that was interviewing him as well. He was cool, energetic, knowledgable about OOP stuff that, when I was in school, hadn't even been dreamed of and enthusiastic about the things that he really liked about software. He seemed to enjoy complex problems as well, so that helped.

That was fun, actually.

Spent a portion of the afternoon playing Sephar with Genevieve. I enjoyed that. Simple, not too hard, especially with Damien driving his section of the plot in the ways that he does. I can just ride along and provide backup. I know that with some folks it's very important to have spotlight while gaming, but I'm actually pretty happy, with Sephar, to just ride along. The main problem with Kyriotates in an In Nomine setting is that they really can skew game time badly when they run around in nine bodies at the same time and do things everywhere.

Home again home again and on the way home I paniced as I suddenly remembered that Jon Singer was supposed to call us to meet us in Boulder for dinner! Agh. But we were half the way home already, so we went all the way and I wondered, suddenly, why Jon had never called at work.

At home was a message saying that he was finding ground transport into Boulder to stay with a friend there and if we were going to be able to meet him for dinner. John called the cel phone number and got Jon and the two of them chatted and it was obvious that Jon wasn't getting into Boulder until 8. I was completely exhausted, anxious to ride the exercise bike and get some journal entries just finished with so that I could finally, finally, finally, maybe catch up. So John negotiated the possibility of meeting Jon in Denver, tomorrow, to have dinner with him there; and I got my wishes.

After riding, John served up a beautiful dinner of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. It was really good, hot, savory, and perfect comfort food; but afterwards I was so tired, I just sat dazed, in front of the TV, watching Do You Want To Be A Millionare and mumbling answers. John was very cool and got me to finally get up, take a shower and with the bracing of the shower I went upstairs and plowed through journal entries, finally deciding to mash the week into one entry as I'd forgotten a few days of it. Grump. But the important stuff is there.

Being caught up is good. Let's see if I can't carve out a little time each day for the entries.

Now. Sleep.

Happy Trip Day! For those that needed to know, today was Trip's birthday and it's always cool to celebrate the existance and the anniversary of the coming into existance of the most marvelous Trip.

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