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March 22, 2000
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Getting Better

So it never really did snow, which disappointed John immensely and today started overcast but then changed to really clear skies with sunshine, so I doubt that it's going to snow today or tomorrow, either. They were predicting a foot or two of snow in the foothills, but we got barely and inch that is all gone today. John even wore shorts, yesterday, to try and invoke the snow on his poor, unsuspecting legs. It didn't work.

My first meeting wasn't until 10 a.m. and John had to meet Phil at home after 8, so we got a good, late start and then, since we had the time, John surprised me by going into a Starbucks! So I got a half-caf caramel macchiano and that was really yummy and warm and happy-making. They had the Zia on sale, the pump-driven little espresso maker that actually has a switch instead of a button, so you can control the actual brew times. I like that kind of control.

Then we continued on our original quest, which was to Duncan Donuts, where we got a mixed dozen donuts. Four chocolate, four buttermilk, two blueberry and two sugar. I also got a chocolate twist and John got himself an apple fritter and we ate those with our lattes on the way to work. Yum.

The meeting was fun. I know, for all you folks where meetings are excruciating killers of time or whatever that might seem odd, but it really was fun. We worked through schedules for stuff, got some decisions made, as a group, as to how we wanted to work, and finally ended up giggling a lot over the Meyers-Briggs stuff we'd done last week. It was fun. All that with donuts, too! And when it was done, it was over. Simple.

I puttered about, got all the journal entries up, and I actually can't do much about my next step unti tomorrow. Worked with a tech pubs guy to get some new things in right and found out that I'd missed a few things with the menu item that I'd put together, but I think I'll have time to straighten that out. Sudipto had done some testing on the feature and found it water tight, which was very useful to have. Made me feel much better about it. I'd done testing while developing, but there's just some things that a developer really can't get around to, like all the things I didn't even think to code, much less test.

I had good, quiet time with Geoff, some fun with Genevieve learning more about what she does and what it involves, small talk with Cera, and a great lunch with Brandy, Cary and Sudipto at Wahoo's. Taquitos and tortilla chicken soup. Yum. The sun was out, somewhat, but it was still coldish.

Singer called and we found out we can't meet him tonight, but tomorrow will work, and we'll figure that out when it happens, too. So that should be okay and should work in the long run. I'll have tonight at home, too. Nice.

So the other thing that recovered in the last day or two has been the portfolio, which has been nice and quicker than I thought it would be. The amusing thing is that my non-tech stocks did really, really well in the last few weeks, giving some good credence to the desirability of diversity in a portfolio. In barely a week, Lands End has gone up nearly sixty percent, which just astonished me, on some level, but I think the price is actually just going back up to reasonable levels from where it'd been depressed unreasonably. Still, it was a nice counterweight to the tech stocks 'correcting'.

It's good. Work is good, life with John is good, and when I go back to my 1997 journal entries, especially through last November, I'm really finding that everything is much, much, much better than it was before. Everything from the entire, total and complete work situation to finally finding someone else that I can really, really care about, love without strings, attachments or fear, and not worry about my marriage in any way because of it. It seemed really telling to me that it *comforts* Geoff when I talk about him with John, and that just really helps my comfort level with all this, as it does John's. It's just so useful and good and nice to have it all working in a positive manner, especially compared with where it was in the past.

John notes that I don't say that very often. He's right.

But it is better than it was.

On getting home I found the new version of DragonDictate in the mailbox along with a Zip disk of music that Geoff made for me. I'll have to find some time to play it at home and also time to upgrade the dictation software, we'll see if that actually works out well.

Dinner was coconut rice and the last of the curry and since I didn't really think there was enough curry for the two of us, I went ahead and caramelized some onions and stir fried them with flank steak strips. It turned out really nice. John was very happy with the meal, in part because it also gave him time to ride the exercise bicycle. That was pretty cool. The other reason was because he thought it tasted really good. Yum. We didn't really eat until 8:30 and by the time we were done and I'd gotten to watch a NEW! Good Eats we were both nearly asleep, so getting to bed and to sleep was easy. Yum.

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