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March 24, 2000
two years ago

Not The Best Buy

Today was a fairly intense day with Geoff. It was useful in that it was solid communication and even when things got hard both of us were able to focus on trying to be honest. That helped. The subject matter shook me a little bit in that Geoff's model of me is mildly skewed, whether that was caused by my inability to communicate certain things or how he sees things is unclear and, in the end, may not matter. It is good that both of us acknowledge the possibility in both directions, and that both of us are trying in our own ways to remedy the situation. Still, it was hard.

The workday itself was fairly busy. After some of the infrastructure was established, I was able to create new work areas fairly easily given some cool, internal documentation that actually gave great instructions on how to do things. I was very pleased with how that worked out, and even more pleased at being able to backup my computer before making it ready to work offline. I have so much to do that I'm staying home on Monday so that I can't get interrupted. I really enjoy working at home and having real focus.

John and I wanted to see Romeo Must Die, but the timing was completely wrong. It was late enough that we had some time to go to Best Buy before the movie in order to look at Toshiba digital televisions. John has done research into those televisions for the last few months, and found out that Best Buy had a really excellent sale price that was a few hundred dollars less than the regular retail. Since they advertised the special, we decided to go there and get one. The one odd thing was that John had never seen one of these TVs, and I had never known him to buy something sight unseen. It turned out that we didn't do that this time either. Though John tried really hard to buy the TV, the salesperson on the floor and his manager both argued that he really had to get the maintenance contract. They made a really hard sell that pissed both of us off, but since this was John's decision I walked away rather than giving them an earful. Some of arguments were actually lucid. I hadn't known that digital TVs were new enough that they were considered new technology and hard to maintain as well as expensive to maintain. So, in the end, we decided not to buy the TV at all.

Amazingly enough when the manager went to check on how long the sale price lasted it turned out that there was no sale price, and if the purchase actually been rung all the way through on the computer we would have found out that we were actually paying full price. So it looks like we got out of more than one trap.

By the time we got out it was too late for the movie time we had originally planned for, and the next movie wasn't until 9:30. So we decided to have dinner because there were four different restaurants in just the one intersection in that shopping area. The first place we checked out was Outback, but the wait there was around 95 minutes, which was ludicrous. Next-door was a Boston Chicken, which is essentially instant food. So it went there to eat, and I was starting to crave their meatloaf. I got the meatloaf with the tomato ketchup, and John got the roasted chicken with a few sides. The meal was hot, hearty, and extremely fast. I enjoyed that.

I was, however, exhausted from the day. We had two other errands to do to, and the first involved getting all the way back to Boulder in order to go to the All-Pets to get Fezzik some more of his arthritis medication. They had an entire bottle of tablets rather than the usual powder we give him. I really enjoyed the flexible measurement system we had with the powder, as we could give him as much as he seemed to need and no more or less, and this seemed to limit that. The problem was that they didn't know how long it would take to get more of the powder, and we had been out of the stuff for the last few days and Fezzik was crackling and popping his needs a whole lot more in the last few days. I didn't really want for him to go without, so we ended up taking the tablets with the assurance that we could pound them up into powder if we really wanted to do so.

We then headed south again, hit a cash machine, and then ended up at the movie theater. The printout we had of the theater's schedule said that there was a 9:30 showing, which was probably the latest we could do; however the theater itself said that the next showing was not until 10. Given how tired both of us were we decided to bag the movie and go home.

All the driving was fun, though. The two of us got plenty of time to talk about us, about Geoff, and about work. There was a lot to turn over, and it was nice down the time to do so.

Fezzik allayed all my fears about the tablet by thoroughly sniffing and then gently taking one that I held out to him and gulping it down whole. He likes the things, thinks they're treats. Now that is funny after all the effort and exertion we went to to get asprin down his gullet. We watched a little TV until John started falling asleep in the couch, which is the usual sign to go to bed. That wasn't too much past 10:30, so it looks like we'll have plenty of sleep before getting ready for our small social event tomorrow.

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