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March 23, 2000
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Seeing Singer

It's such a gorgeously sunny day, today.

Yesterday, on the way back in from lunch, everyone looked depressed and slow and sad and pretty much all the Coloradians and Californians blamed it on the fact that the sky has been overcast for the last three days. I died laughing. Try 90 days of rain! Then again, I was feeling mildly downcast as well, and I guess I'm really getting used to the sunshine here or something.

Got up and I'm actually leading meetings today as the boss is outta town for a few weeks. It's going to be interesting having to do the things that he does so well and that I really hate doing. I'm really, really glad of him and glad that he does the job he does so well. I still have two donuts leftover from yesterday, which may well fortify me.

So the first meeting wasn't too bad, and Bob's going to go to the second one, the problem is the running of things, which is kinda sad, but then I'll have to do it next week.

Lunch was simply at my desk, and I meandered through work gradually while talking with Geoff on and off as he was working on stuff, too. I'm gradually finding that the relationship is a bit interesting, with forces in all the directions that I really need. I loved it when I was talking with him about how cool it is that he's actively reenforcing my relationship with John and he replied that I could think of it as being entirely selfish. He really doesn't want me to end up with my bags on his doorstep. He likes living alone, he likes the fact that I really do depend on my support from someone else and he has ever intention of keeping it solid and strong. So the fundimental desires of those involved seem to be all in the right directions. John really, truly likes it that I'm happier.

It's keen.

It's surprising, unexpected, and entirely neat in really unconventional ways, but it really looks like it could work, long-term.

Now, if only U.S. Air gets its act together before *I* have to fly. Yeesh.

At 6 I had to drag John away from impromptu hall meetings and we went to pick up Jacquie in Boulder, who is a good friend of Jon Singer's. We all were going to meet him in Denver at his conference for dinner and then talk with him for a while.

The drive down to Denver in the twilight was interesting, the whole cooridor around 36 is being built up in all directions and it was far more obvious in the half-light as all the lights were blazing in all the new areas. Downtown itself was a maze of one-way streets and mostly-filled metered parking as nearly all downtowns are. Sadly the meters all run until 10 p.m. so we had to add coinage while we went to find Jon at his hotel. The buildings were all steel and glass and lights shining against the night, and it was unusual to find warmth in the air this late in the evening. A sign of spring as it wasn't biting cold anymore once it was dark.

We found Jon at the entrance with his usual handful of really enticing choices of possible food places, and we all latched onto the possibility of Peruvian fare neat the hotel. So we checked the Yellow pages, the White Pages and finally dunned the concierge who knew nothing, but then we stumbled upon it in a guide to downtown Denver! Hoorah! Address and everything, and it was only about seven blocks from the hotel. In usual Singer manner he roped the other two people who were sitting at the concierge's desk into coming with us, but then they wanted to walk rather than ride in a car when we were actually quite willing to walk, but we had to feed the hungry meter, first.

Since they decided to walk the four of us fit in the car and we drove to the restaurant. Took us a while to find parking nearby, though, with all the one-way streets we didn't quite get a space easily, but we eventually figured it out and parked. When we walked from the parking spot to the restaurant, we found the couple that had been in front of the concierge at the front door the exact same moment we were. So we decided to all sit together in typical Singer fashion and everyone from completely different sides of interest were drawn in together. The lady was at the ceramics conference and her husband was here to keep her company in the evenings and to ski during the day. He was happily sunburnt and exhausted and had a good time drawling stories. They were both from Minnesota, which was where Singer once spent a lot of time, so between him and Jacquie they have several hundreds of friends there. But there wasn't an obvious cross-section between those hundreds of SF friends and a nice ceramics lady and her husband. Until we discovered that he's a head hunter for technical folks for the food industry. No obvious connection, but there's very, very likely to be something non-obvious but only a link away.

Dinner was good. Rice with lots of mildly spiced good things. Seafood, steak, and chicken in a variety of spicy sauces with good textures and interesting flavors. We also had the purple corn drink that was very corn syrup sweetness with a tang to it like cranberries. Very nice. The conversation ranged in all directions and the husband, at one point was saying it's really, really cool, sometimes to know that even if you're not one to leap out boxes, that it's possible to meet and discover people in entirely different boxes than one is in. That was very keen.

It was really fun to listen to them natter about the technical aspects of clay. Well, actually Singer natter about all the possibilities, while the lady kept saying, "Well, I just buy a bag of clay from the store and I don't have any of the problems you do." That was really funny. She isn't trying the entirely insane things that Singer is and isn't interested in doing that, rather, she's very interested in expressing herself with the materials she has and in ways she can relate directly to, things like having people actually recognize her work without having to stoop to looking at the tags. She wanted, simply, to be unique and recognized for the things that she does that is unlike any other. That was a very interesting box to see into.

Afterwards we followed Singer back to his room, happily stuffed, and then proceeded to eat some lovely, dense and rich date cake that felt really good to eat a little bit of and then ooo and aaah over the Yixing teapots that he had discovered and one that he carried about for travelling. Small pots for $20 is very good indeed. So I asked him to buy me one if the guy happened to have another.

That was cool. We got to meet his roommates and talk a bit and by then all of us were yawning as it was about 11 p.m. and I have the possibility of an early meeting tomorrow. So we all went downstairs, gave Jon hugs and then zoomed on to Boulder and then, after dropping Jacquie off, we went home. Fezzik greeted us happily and we fed him and petted him and then we dropped off to bed. Whew.

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