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March 9, 2001
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Growth Spurt

Today was a 'growth spurt' or appetite spurt day. Last night Jet wanted something to eat every 3 hours and in the afternoon it was almost only 2 hours between the beginnings of feedings. Just like in the books! But he really wanted it badly. Even last night Jet was really screaming in John's ear, really loudly. We figured out that he really wanted to eat after the diaper change and it wasn't just gas.

John liked blaming the change in attitude on the grandparents being here, but more as a joke than anything. I don't know if the extra stimulous wasn't something in the equation, but it is likely that it was just Jet's time to grow again, or something. So much for feeling adequate to his eating demands...

I read in the book that most newborns gain 7-8 ounces a week in the early weeks. Ouch. Though the doctor did say that Jet's 3 ounce weight gain in the last week and the ten ounce gain since his first month check were actually within the parameters of his percentile. So that works for me.

What a way to get milk production up. It is *really* tempting to go to formula, but the book says that that's exactly what one shouldn't do as the frequent feedings really do help the breasts get production up and while it's a real pain, it's really the only way. I don't seem to be getting more volume at any given moment of pumping, but the recovery rate might be higher. Maybe... it's hard to tell when I'm just so sore and feel pretty empty.

It's so hard to be sure of anything. Still, the books say that I should just keep going, but it's so sad when Jet's so frustrated and angry at what he isn't getting from me.

It really doesn't help when Isabel is talking about the huge volumes she gave her kids of formula. But she doesn't really mean any criticism of me with that. It's funny that I can believe that of Isabel but I can't of my Mom and Dad. I really should remember that for next time.

The stress of the milk problem plus the stress of integrating another two different adults into our lives may well be part of the problem with my milk production. I don't know, though. It's not like George and Isabel are at all a problem, it's just all the communication things that need to happen when people live together after having their own routines. Plus, they have to learn Jet's proclivities and he has to learn what they are doing for his care as well.

Today was beautiful. Sunny and in the low 60's. Warm and wonderful. It's supposed to be snowing all this weekend. So best to take advantage of it. We basked in the sunlight that was coming in from the kitchen windows for a bit. It was very nice, and Jet napped happily in the sunshine for a while, as it was warm this morning.

Isabel made a really nice moussaka dinner. She's found the eggplant in the fridge and she and George went out for more groceries and planned dinner with me helping a little. We'd had only simple spaghetti last night as that was all John and I could manage with everything else. Communication about dinner was kind of awkward at first, but it got better as time went on and we actually said things. Odd to figure out that we really do have to do the communication things all over again to integrate two adults that are very different than my mom and dad and also different in many subtle ways from John and I.

It's hard, but necessary and hopefully things will get harmonious again. It almost made me miss the latter half of the week when my Mom and Dad were here and we'd figured out some of the hard stuff and things were pretty smooth.

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