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March 11, 2001
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Snowy Day and Sweet Sleep

I got entries up today. After two days of milk anxiety hell we're having a really good day today. Found out that if I feed him for an entire hour at a time he goes quite a lot longer between feedings. He has a good, long quiet period where he's willing to play with grandma and grandpa for a while. After play he's just gone to sleep when dry and wrapped up. That's been very nice.

All this after John and I got extra sleep last night by slipping Jet a little formula with the little I managed to pump late last night. For some reason, I just wasn't producing milk last night worth a damn, even with plenty of pumping. It was really sad, and I was pretty upset. Having a voracious nose bleed just before the second feeding didn't help in the least. I just don't think I was producing nearly enough milk often enough for Jet's needs. Just the one extra bit helped us sleep through the night and by the time I was up again, I was actually producing good amounts of milk.

Today, after the sleep and after a nap or two and after several meals, I was producing more milk in 10 minutes at 3:30 pm than I even hoped to produce pretty much all night. I guess I'd been run into the ground, somehow, and the four hours of sleep that Jet gave us, straight, after the formula addition was a godsend for me. I felt better after that than I have for days.

It also really helps knowing that Grandma and Grandpa Rostykus have figured Jet out and know what to do with him when he's fussing and know how to comfort him, now. They have a very good handle on what to do and how to do it and he isn't screaming for long periods of time, anymore. It's a very good thing to be able to trust him to them and have it all work out.

I should remember that communication with people that are going to live with you for a bit is always hard for a while. That it has to be done, but it can be really hard for me and John has helped a lot this time with doing the talking without me saying much if anything. That's been a very useful thing to happen. I just have to remember to talk with him, too.

I was actually able to get to my eskimo mail for the first time in a while today, too. Went through it all and wrote a few folks. Amazing how much I treasure the time I get to write down my thoughts again. One really cool thing was that a couple of people wrote about the quill site, saying that they found it very useful. One was even saying that they felt like they should pay me for all the information that I provided, but I wrote back to say that the letter was payment enough. It was so fun to do the page and to have so many people really use it is just cool in and of itself. Unexpected pleasure to know that it is useful to various people.

I also got to ride the exercise bike today, and it felt really good to do. I'm finally awake again, and it feels good. Now I see why it's 6 weeks of 'disability' after the birth. There is no way on earth I'd have been able to go back to work before now. I'm starting to get interested, but I know I couldn't commit to anything for a while, yet.

John and his dad has fun putting together and finishing a pine IKEA desk that John's parents were so kind as to buy and bring out here. There is an IKEA just south of them and it turned out that that particular computer desk would have cost more to ship out here to Denver than the desk cost, itself. When John found that out, he asked his parents if they would do us the favor.

John was thinking about what the office would be like if the two of us were working there, telecommuting and decided that we needed at least one more desk to do it. So we got a nice little corner computer desk with a keyboard tray and an extra stand for a printer. Pretty cool. It's neat and pretty and compact and very nice. Now we'll have the room for the picture printer.and a few other things that needed the space.

Since it was so snowy today, we all stayed in and John and George went down into the basement and sanded and finished the desk. It has to dry a few days, and they have to put more than one coat on, but they did the whole first coat today and made sure all the pieces were there along with the fact that they all fit together. So the two of them were happily occupied for most of the afternoon.

Yesterday we'd braved the freezing rain to get to Costco and stock everything up, which was really good when cooking for four.

Isabel and I did tag team cooking this evening. I set up a bit pot of boiling water, first, and then started the rib roast, seasoning it, and setting garlic into small slits all over it. Then I set the roast in a 450 oven and took Jet from Isabel as he was fussing, and I started feeding him while she watched the roast and peeled potatoes to put into the roasting pan. When I was done feeding him, I went to take a shower as he'd started to fuss while I was riding the exercise bike, and I was still sticky from that. So when I was done showering, I came out Isabel had him again while I put the meat thermometer into the roast and we waited for it to be done. Jet got grumpy again, so I was feeding him while John and Isabel and George finished things off with a spinach salad, corn, and John carved the roast. Yum.

Dinner was really good. The rib roast didn't fail me and it came out perfectly juicy and cooked to just more well than rare in the center, which is what I like. There were well pieces all along the sides, and I got plenty of mostly rare bits. Since there was nearly 5 pounds of roast, we had plenty for dinner and there will be good roast beast sandwiches tomorrow, too.

Jet fed from 8-9 while we watched bits and pieces of from the Earth to the Moon on the tapes that Kathy had given me. Just the first episode that did most of the Mercury missions all in one hour. It was pretty cool. George and Isabel went up to look at Jet pictures soon after that. Jet was still really squiggly after eating that long, so we fed him another 2 ounces of the 8 ounce can of formula we'd opened last night, and he was *still* wide awake.

So I got ready for bed, and when I was ready, I lay down and John put Jet into bed with me. I had an arm under him and me on one side and a pillow on the other. Jet had his binky in his mouth and he was working it furiously when he first was laid on my arm. He was heavy, warm and smelled sweetly of babyness. At first he squiggled about and squeaked and protested mildly. Then he quieted a little and sucked on his binky really hard, and I could hear each rubber squeak of each suck. Pock Pock Pock... pock pock pock... pock pock pock..

He sucked and sucked and sucked and then suddenly he was totally quiet. From a rapid fire grouping of sucking sound to nothing in an instant. He was definitely still breathing,and fast asleep. I could remove the binky withouta problem and I just lay there for ten minutes with his warm, quiet, and relaxed weight against me. I didn't know if he was really asleep, but when I struggled to get up with him ten minutes later, he didn't even squeak. When I put him down in this bassinet there were no noises at all, and I went to sleep.

John had decided to do the second coat on the desk, and I don't even know when he got into bed because I was so deeply asleep.

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