Liralen's Adventure Through Life
March 2001
  1: Sick Again
  3: Boulder Adventure
  4: Movie Day!
  5: One Month Jet Check
  6: Pumping Blues
  8: Different Work
  9: Growth Spurt
11: Snowy Day and Sweet Sleep
12: Out On My Own
14: Off Kilter
15: Tight Schedule
16: Special Dinner and Trades
18: Group Dinner and Outside Adventures
19: The Baby Always Wins!
20: Less Frantic
21: Contentment
22: Increased Demand
23: Tired
24: Rollover and Turnaround
25: Lucille's
27: Progress
28: Breakfast
29: Sushi
30: Hourly Again
31: Just The Three of Us

This month saw a bit more of John's parents than we'd originally planned for, but it was a very good visit. Jet enjoyed having other caretakers nearly as much as his parents liked having a few naps and time for themselves. Yes, it's one of the reasons I'm actually updating a lot better than last month.

There was a lot of progress in Jet's development as well, leaps and bounds of development in my ability to actually breastfeed him. Also a lot of angst, on my part, on the stupid ability of my breasts to make milk. Sometimes I should remember something Kathy told me about someone once saying that it's astonishing that one can make milk at all, something like being able to make bacon with ones elbow. It's a body part that functions to make sustenance for a creature.

Amusingly enough, I'm not nearly as sleep deprived as I used to be on some of my trips to visit Carl and the Horde, I guess that was great practice for this.

The progression of days is actually pretty ordinary, but they seem to go by so quickly now that they're actually over. During each day, however, they sometimes seemed pretty long.

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