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March 29, 2001
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The experiment worked and Jet got up at about the same hour. Hopefully this will keep on happening.

It looks as if the parts are in and the car may or may not be ready tomorrow. There's still some uncertainty, but it is really looking like the time will be short, so John and I decided that we'd take advantage of the fact that Isabel and George are here and have dinner out. They'll be able to keep him awake in the evening so that he'll sleep and we can actually enjoy something relatively close.

We really wanted sushi, so we went to Sakura's again, this time just the two of us, and John met me there from work. I left Isabel with a few ounces of formula, just in case, but I was hoping to be back by 7:30 after feeding Jet all the way to the last minute of 5:30. Hopefully she wouldn't need it, but it was better to be prepared.

Dinner was wonderful. I got saba, hamachi, lots of anago, tobiko, and we shared a tempuraed soft shelled crab. Comfort food from our Redmond days. It's all much more expensive here in the middle of the country, but, at least, here at Sakura's it's *really* good. The place downtown was really sad in comparison. Here the yellowtail/hamachi was butter rich and firm, and the mackeral/saba was beautifully pickled and flaky rather than soggy. And the sea eel/anago was so sweet and firm and good I had an extra order for my sushi dessert. As always, they gave us tempura'ed bananas under whipped cream for dessert. Yum.

Afterwards John wanted to go to Target, but if I were to make it home in time for the feeding there really wasn't any way I could go. So I headed home, while he went shopping. I regreted it mildly when I got home and Isabel was just done with feeding Jet his bottle. He'd been inconsolable and she hadn't known when I was going to come home. I hadn't said anything about my plans to her, and I really should have. So it was fine, and I pumped and got the last of the night's feeding out of the way, which was good, too.

It's going to be strange to be without them. They've been here for three of Jet's seven weeks, and it'll be very interesting to see how John and I cope with them not being here anymore and relying only on ourselves.

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