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March 30, 2001
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Hourly Again

It was another hourly feeding day. And on the hours when Jet didn't fuss to eat, I pumped and got the eight ounces for the night feedings. I even surprised myself with an ounce and a half after Jet's last feeding of the day. I guess the usage today really did up production, somehow.

I was up early and stayed up with Jet when he woke at 6. John was going in for a full day at work today, so I thought it would be best for him to sleep. At 7 Isabel relieved me, so I could pump and get a great start on tonight's feedings. I am really going to miss the extra sleep she gives us. I did go back to sleep for the hour until Jet wanted feeding.

The one adventure we did was on the good news that George and Isabel's car was finally ready to be picked up. Since the feedings were hourly, I coordinated with Isabel and George that we were going to leave at 3 on the dot and they were all ready by then. For the first time, Jet stayed awake while in the car. Isabel rode in the back with him on the way to the dealer, so she was able to talk with him and jolly him during the ride.

When she and George hopped out, Jet started to cry. He cried about half the way home, while I tried to talk him out of it. And then he stopped crying and I assumed he fell asleep, but when I opened the back door to get him, his eyes were wide open and he was watching the sky out the back window. I really like the Baby Buggy because all the windows are heavily tinted, so Jet doesn't ever get blinded. That's quite the advantage.

Since they were leaving the next day, Isabel made sure that they got us the groceries we needed. She also went to great trouble to make a large amount of lasagna for dinner, so that we'd have leftovers for when they were gone. It was nice and didn't completely stuff our refrigerator.

It was also fun to talk with Isabel about all the changes in Jet since they'd arrived. They'd seen him grow those two pounds, seen his skin go from blotchy with baby acne to as smooth as... well... baby skin is proported to be, and seen him get long enough to plant his feet against the armrests of the rocking chair. He didn't used to be that long, and when John haphazardly measured him on the floor, he was at least two inches longer. She's seen the first time Jet tracked the toy from one side of the bassinet to the other, and watched him start to smile haphazardly. She's seen him learn how to play, stay awake more often, and eat more and more.

No matter my laments about my crazy milk producction, it has been enough for him to grow and thrive. That is what I really have to remember. I've gone from pumping less than two ounces to nearly three and a half at a time. He's really healthy, happy, and growing along the growth curves in the American Pediatrics book for babies of his size. He is doing really good and developing really well.

Jet was good during dinner, so long as he was held by someone, and grandma and grandpa did the job gladly. He was a little fussy during the late evening, but, as usual, when the big bottle came out after he ate off me, he was very happy. He even protested the first two pauses to burp him with squeaks, wiggles and angry sounding chirps and tiny cries.

Isabel and I had a conversation during the day about formula and the differences between how they made it back when she had babies and now. The one-envelope for four ounces of formula amazed her when in her day they had to sterilize the forumla by making it and then boiling the filled glass bottles. We just mix water from the tea kettle with the powder and that was that. The water in the kettle has always been boiled at least once, so that's easy. Some of it is simply that the water supply is better, now, and chlorinated.

George went to sleep early and Isabel stayed up to feed Jet his first night time feeding and then wish the three of us a good night and good sleep.

I think I've beaten the cold back. I'm not sure if it was the week of sleeping extra when I could, drinking all that extra Vitamin C, or if it was just that today was such and intense day my immune system decided to just kick in finally and finish the bastard.

The next couple of days will likely be a bit stenuous as we get back into taking care of Jet ourselves, too. So I'm half hoping it's the last bit, that when I really can't be sick, I usually am not. I just hope that the stress doesn't kick my milk production down again.

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