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March 28, 2001
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Jet's been getting up at 4 or 5 for the last feeding, and sometimes he hasn't gone back to sleep, today was one of those days, and it seem to be happening more and more often this week. He was perfectly happy and fed when he got up today, and when I was done with the pumping it was a bit past six and Isabel got up because she'd heard us moving around. So John and I thought about it and instead of having another dinner together alone, we decided it would be more fun to have breakfast because we knew that Jet wouldn't want to be fed until far later.

So we handed him over to Isabel and took off for Longmont. Since we'd all already done Lucille's we decided that, this time, we'd go to the Egg & I. I'd been wanting the corned beef hash and eggs with not entirely cooked eggs for a while, so I got to get it this time! Yay! John got the Southwestern skillet and enjoyed the green chiles in it. I even took my time eating them.

It was funny because there was a table of men and one of the guys had just gone to Mainland China to adopt a girl from one of the orphanages there. The details of what he was saying about the society that he was getting her from were pretty sad, but pretty much implied by the way the economy and social structures there work. In China, he was saying, a boy is something that will secure the future of the parents when he grows up and girls only go away to their husband's homes, so when the law there says that someone can only have one child, they almost always go for boys, and will often abandon girls that end up in the orphanages. One of the rather cool things I heard was him insisting that she'd grow up American when the guys he was with were wondering what she'd grow up like. It was weird and funny to have another guy saying that the Japanese kids he grew up with and played with were 'white as can be.'

I thought to myself, she'll never be white, but she will definitely be American.

Maybe this is how these folks will learn that. There are so many people here in the U.S. adopting Chinese girls, it's kind of funny and I kind of wonder what all those Chinese boys left in the mainland without any girls to marry. How many of them will do their best to leave mainland China to come here to wed and stay and completely defeat their parents' intent for them?

We only took an hour and fifteen minutes to eat breakfast and got back to the house at 7:30. Isabel was impressed at how fast that was, and I went directly back to sleep, since Jet had eaten at nearly 6, he'd be good for at least a bit longer. Possibly 8, hopefully longer. I was able to sleep until 9:30! That surprised me a bit, but it felt really, really good. So no protests from me.

John was cool and found the name and number of the guy who had been selling honey last year, and found that the guy had just one more quart of his raw, unfiltered honey. Yay! He was quite willing to sell it to us, and would actually bring it over to the house. George was working outside, and the guy gave it to him and he came in to get the money for the honey and went back out with it. The jar was warm, as the guy had put it into hot water as some of the honey had sugared, i.e. crystallized and the crystals melt when warmed. It was gorgeous and tasted really good, too. I'll likely get to make ginger beer with some of this come summer. That should be nice.

For all that Jet started feeding late, he fed often after the first feeding. He went about every hour for two and then settled back to every other. Lunch still had John at home, which was nice as I got to talk to him after he came down from upstairs and being busy with the computer. I got to get busy with the phone in the afternoon for a bit and called a bunch of things I needed to call. One was to ask about the infant massage class and to see how many there were of it and for how long. Jet's attention span and time span of being awake and receptive is very short, still, and when I found that it was an hour and a half long class, I knew I'd likely not get much out of it. He sleeps and eats for longer than half an hour at a time, but that's about it. Everything else pretty much gets interrupted by hunger or a wet diaper. While I was busy and then when I was napping, Isabel took care of Jet and Jet went about three hours between feedings. I think, sometimes, that when I have someone here to take care of Jet that I only see him when he's hungry and someone else can't jolly him into content. Still, when I'm not feeling all that well, I won't snub a nap, anytime.

Sadly, the car parts are taking even longer to get here, so they'll be staying even longer. The good thing is that, today, our green coffee bean order arrived from Blue Mountain, so we'll at least have good coffee while they're here. I don't know why it is that I ordered three pounds, because I pretty much can't drink coffee while I'm breastfeeding Jet. The diuretic in caffiene pretty much slows breastmilk production and with all the worrying I've been doing about my milk, it's not like I'd risk it for that, when I've been giving up all kinds of harder foods to give up while pregnant. Still, it's nice to simply know that it's available eventually.

With Isabel here, I was able to actually pump an entire eight ounces today for the night feedings! That is pretty cool and it took a lot of just being patient and pumping just about every time after Jet ate.

Someone gave us a vibrating seat before Jet was born and one of Mom and Dad's friends gave us a new one afterwards, and, at first, Jet just yelled when he was put into it, but tonight, we actually put him in it and he enjoyed it! He ignored the toys completely, but looked at us the whole time with a wide-eyed look of, "Well, this is new..." The seat is supposed to simulate a car seat and with the vibrations, it's supposed to put a kid to sleep. Jet just got more and more wide eyed as time went on.

We found out why when we took him off the seat. He had another blowout poopy diaper. It made us laugh so hard. That was proof that it was exactly like when he's in the car seat. With all the new dirty stuff, we did a big load of baby laundry and Isabel brought out, with wonder, the t-shirts we'd used on Jet when we first brought him home from the hospital. They were the Gerber newborn t-shirts that we used because we didn't want a onesie rubbing against his healing umbilical cord. They were also, suddenly, tiny. She thought they wouldn't fit on him anymore, but I think that they still might, but they'd be stretching a bit to do so. It was amazing to have visible evidence right there in front of me of how much he's grown. Very neat, too.

Dinner was leftovers, we had plenty of them from the week, so everyone picked their main course. We had frozen vegitables and just nuked them and also had some mashed potatoes to go with them. Isabel made a salad and we all sat down and ate whatever it was we picked. That was actually really good. Afterwards I thought a bit and after the lemon sponge Isabel had made yesterday, I thought I'd make dessert today, and I whipped up some of the chocolate things. It's so nice to have something really yummy so quickly, and to know that I can do that. Everyone enjoyed those before Jet's last feeding. George was really cool and got every last trace of the stuff from his bowl before washing things up and heading for bed. He said he enjoyed it a lot, and that was very neat to know.

We made Jet's last feeding a little earlier than usual, and moved his bed time from about 11 to about 10. Hopefully he'll still sleep to about the same hour in the morning and we'll have the extra hour of sleep from the start.

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