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March 1, 1999
a year ago

It's This Month

Well. Hrm.

Spent most of the day working through things here, and working through things that I had to catch up on including email and stuff. Then went through a design meeting with a bunch of people and I have Things To Do. I have to admit that I didn't do much of them.

I mean...

It hit me. You know? I'm moving *this* month. Not 'next' month, not sometime in the future before the end of June. I'm moving soon. In three weeks. At lunch time we went to the Budget rental place and looked at the cargo van that we'll likely be using the haul Fezzik and ourselves over to Denver in. Decided to go that way as it's about as much as two round trip tickets though gas is more, but then at least Fezzik will go in some comfort as will we. The cars can all get shipped. We can just figure on it. There's a lot that can fit in the van, too, so that should help out with the Things that They Cannot Move. Like most of the liquids and things that we bought at a discount so that we could have a lot of it.

I have no idea what's going to happen to my office stuff, or if I have to pack it and send it along with the house stuff as well. I figure Chad will find out before we will.


Hey, last month, we were home only one weekend, and it didn't feel nearly as difficult as last December, where we were just thinking it was insane. We really are learning some of our capabilities in all this. When we actually start thinking 'Okay, this is doable' things seem to just slide into place.

Anyway... when we got home, it was clean. Utterly clean. Ms. Clean has struck again. Recommended a good oil soap for the wood floors, and I think that that should do. We'll probably pay them for one more time after we've moved out to vacuum everything and make sure everything is impeccibly clean. David arrived from a trip to the lumberyard when it was dark outside. Fezzik was playing with David's dog Rosa all day, out in the pen, around the house. They had a good time. Fezzik was happy and active and jumping about. We had ramen for dinner, and then David went out and got a bunch of ice cream. Yum. Ben and Jerry's. They'll still have Ben and Jerry's in Colorado.

I realized, though, that with the new carpet, the house wasn't really *home* anymore. And the flaws in comparison to our newer home were pretty evident. I would never have walked into a house with white/oatmeal carpet and been happy. I hate that kind of impracticality. Fezzik is going to like the new place, I'm pretty sure. It's hard, though, to have what was my home turned into something strange. Though it will likely make moving easier in the end.

Anyway... we had dinner, dessert, and then I tried recutting the tip of the quill and had a hell of a time with it. It was really hard, and it didn't want to cut with a knife, and finally I ended up with a pair of scissors that didn't really do the job right. That was really frustrating. But I finally got a point that wrote, but not for all that long. I have to try doing it a couple of times, I think. Luckily, big feathers aren't that expensive to buy or find. And I have the one model to keep as an example of what it should look like when done.

With all the running about Fezzik didn't really need a walk, so we all just went to sleep soon after. I dreamed broken dreams of odd things happening. A floor where a quarter of it fell while it was being lowered somewhere with people on it. Kevin Bacon's 25th birthday party and the people invited and involved. Fezzik on a green green horse farm where the folks didn't really want him there as he was scaring the horses. But he wasn't really listening to us telling him to come back. Land Rovers going down stairways to get to flooded rooms that needed to be pumped out before the doors would open.

Odd dreams.

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