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March 2, 1999
a year ago

Grrr... Argh!

Looks like, on Thursday, we swapping over to the Xilinx network. Problem is that I haven't figured out, at all, how to get out of the Xilinx network to flick or even to Eskimo, so I may not be able to update this journal for a while. May be cut off from all my on-line friends, and stuff.

Ray, our sysadmin, says that he's looking into it all, and I trust that he'll find a way. So I think he will. It may take a while, but I think that if he can find a way for me to get out here at work, I'll likely have a good shot at it from anywhere on the Xilinx networks. I just want to send things out, not bring much, if anything, in.

It'll be interesting, all in all to see how it works out.

So I took a little while this morning to go get measured for my knee brace. All the things are in place for me actually receive it on Thursday, too! Quite a tradeoff. There's one soccer team that's in dire need of females, so I might actually go play for a week or two before moving. THAT would be weird. But it might be fun, too, at least to see how well the darned thing actually works on a soggy field.

Turns out that the many days of rain was actually just the count of days of measurable rainfall between November 1st and February 28th. Four months that we've been watching, and it turns out that there have been 91 days of measurable rainfall in that period. Ick.

Went to the Fill Your Belly Deli for lunch, as I wanted a chili dog. Yum.

Not really getting all that much done. I should be getting more done, but I'm not. Mostly finishing catch-up here, and getting background things done. I'm just kinda overwhelmed emotionally, still. Still realizing that it's This Month that everything changes. Agh. But things are happening. The porch is getting finished. Realized, in some ways, that John and I have gotten more done in the last month than we have in some years. Deadlines are a real motivator, or something.

I have to admit that we really are doing a lot. Things we normally wouldn't do because we could 'do them later'. We've made reservations for Rover's again, we've gone to the good restaurants instead of the cheap ones, and we've done a ton of things to the house to get it ready for inspection and for sale. Things that we wouldn't normally have done for ourselves. Which has the dual function of making the house 'strange' for us and getting us ready to sell it.

As we drove along the dirt road to the house, we found a little alder had fallen across the dirt road. John got out and pitched the pieces back into the undergrowth around the rest of the tree. All through the drive we'd seen evidence of wind damage along the way. We got home around 5:30 and John's brother David and two of his friends were there working on the porch and stuff. They'd already poured the concrete for the front walkway and it looks wonderful. The perfect shape to lead to the front door. It wasn't raining very hard, and so I left for the diaconate meeting. My last.

On the way out to Issaquah, the road that I normally take was blocked off with flares and firemen were out, and beyond them all was dark. The power was out, and I think a tree went down across the road. So I had to detour around.

Turns out that I get to speak again on the 21st, for One Last Time Up There. The meeting was very freeing in some ways. I finally figured out that by leaving, I felt like I was getting free of a full burden of stuff I felt that I really should do. That angel in my dream had made no bones about the fact that I should speak. That may take another turn or another direction in the future.

While driving home, the wind was howling, the rain was pounding, and then as I was going up the hill to the plateau there was a lighting of the sky then, suddenly there was this crack sound and the entire sky lit up as if it were day, but the sky was blue. It was probably a transformer blowing itself into Kingdom Come, but it was so eerie to have daylight in the middle of the night. When I got home, the rain started to just pour down. Caught all the guys out over the concrete and the various wood things they were doing. They scrambled as I pulled up and eventually left for dinner at John's parents' place. They were all going to stay there as well, so I didn't have to worry about them. The rain... it was falling like silver beads on a curtain from the darkness of the sky, gleaming as they hit the light. Beautiful, but also far heavier a rain than we normally get.

John took a while putting the Stoat back together again, as he was trying to fix something in it. There were rods in the engine that had probably been bent or messed up by the timing belt being under tension. And it turned out that he'd gotten it perfectly right, and with the replacements the Stoat ran beautifully. In the rain...

He came back in soaked. So he went up to shower while I made peroshki in the kitchen with grilled onions. It's another thing out of the freezer, which is always a good thing. Fezzik only got to come in after John came down. Avoiding the brand new concrete, coming in through the laundry room instead of the back deck as there were not stairs to the back deck anymore. He didn't get things too ooky, and then just collapsed in the kitchen and watched us as we ate.

Eventually I went upstairs, took a bath, and went to sleep. Far later, John came to bed. Then the wind picked up, and I woke up to the howl of the trees being beaten by the force of it. The wind chimes outside were clanging, clashing hard in the wind. Then I realized that the alarm clock wasn't showing anything, and that the power was dead out. I got up, went to the bathroom, lit a candle, the warm glow flickering over the cold room, rain still pelting softly against the windows, and set my watch alarm for 7 a.m. as we were supposed to get the Passat into the Volkswagon specialists for a tune up and filter change and liquids change and all that, it's 75,000 mile checkup for before any long drives to Boulder. And we were supposed to have the critter in by 8 a.m.

Then I fell back asleep, with the wind roaring through my dreams.

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