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March 4, 1999
a year ago

Not Quite Yet

Looks like SSH out is working okay this morning eventhough the mail server is completely hosed, so at least I can mail from here and eskimo for a bit. My new work email, for anyone that cares, will be

Last night was also really windy and ooky. John went home early, Bob took him to the Passat because I was playing Sephar and didn't know if there'd be a day, any time soon when I could again with the cutoff immenent, so he drove himself home to try and rest. I had his prescription, so when I was done with stuff I went to the grocery store and gave it to the pharmacy and then went shopping for yummy things. Just a few to compliment the chicken we had in the freezer. Chicken goes with just about everything, and I got some sweet potato instead of potatos for mashed sweet potato as well as a good variety of veggies for nuking.

Dave and the gang were still at the house, the weather of the day was so crazy. Hail and thunder and lightning after John left made me worry a bit about my 'puters. They had finished and we did a little car shuffling to free up the driveway for the trucks and stuff. By the time all that was done they were hungry, cold, and wet and wanted something hot, so I directed them to the Taquaria de Gallo and I think David knew the way anyway. Something fast.

It took me a good forty minutes to get John's and my dinner together, and John slept the moment he downed the heavy duty painkillers. He hadn't been able to sleep before then because completely closing the eye hurt. I was hesitant about waking him up for dinner, but he was glad that I did, he was hungry and when he finished, he said that his stomach was very happy he did that. So that was good. He went to sleep soon after.

I stayed up and read Chase the Morning, a book that Genevieve shipped me. That was cool. I think just about everyone with an imagination wishes that there were worlds Out There. Other places, other adventures, can feel that the concerns of Making It Good monetarily and socially suck the soul from one, and that the real magic, the real goals may be to Make a Difference for good in ome way or another. That all folks have the choice to make a difference, that's something that strikes deep.

Anyway, the book is about a guy that is very well-to-do in a monetary sense who finds out just how poor he is in other senses while discovering the magic behind the reality as he's seen it. It's the magic behind the reality kind of book and fairly well done at that. Semi-urban fantasy as once he gets behind the scenes everything gets more fantastic. I'm not sure why it is that folks like pulling in voodoo the moment they get beyond the mundane, but so it is. Him and Emma Bull both.

I stayed up until a little after midnight reading, and had the self-restraint, or maybe, I was just too tired, to stop reading and go to bed. John was snoring happily and sleeping really well, so that was good. I slept really well, too.

This morning is pretty grey again, and the DJ's on KISW were complaining and really hoping that there really would be a break this coming weekend, as it was predicted that we might have sun breaks for a day or two during the weekend. Only in the NorthWet would 'sun breaks' be a cause for celebration. I seriously think that if I hadn't had some time in Boulder these last few months, I would be badly depressed by now.

So work, today is meetings in the afternoon, oh joy, and we're swapping over to the new network even as I speak. We'll see what comes of that...

Spent the last bits of the morning coding hard. It's good to be able to code without any interruptions at all, on-line or off. I think, sometimes, that coding has more to do with faith than anything else. That one has to have faith that there Is A Way to get what's in ones imagination onto that stupid screen. That the code will let me do whatever it is that I want to do and that if it doesn't, I can bend it to my will. That there is always a Way through. Not always obvious, not always clean, but there is a way.

And the lazy, sloppy or simply unimaginative coders just can't find The Way or get that amazing feeling of what it's like when it really does Work exactly the way it was envisioned. That's an interesting though. Coding as mountain climbing. Or something.

There's always setbacks, always *something* that goes wrong, and I think that the professionals are the ones that deal with it and keep going.

Anyway, I got through a major chunk of stuff, and there's plenty more to do.

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