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March 5, 1999
a year ago

Christmas in March

We left work around 3:30, as the meeting was over by then and we'd gotten in some what early, besides, Ray was in the middle of doing the network change over, so there wasn't anything we really could do anymore, workwise. I had to get to the orthopedic doctor's before 4:30 and almost didn't make it. I did drop John off at the clinic, though, before making it over the nasty traffic to the orthopedic place.

There, I received my knee brace. Hoorah! It's a very gnarly thing, from Innovative Sport Technologies, it's their Edge knee brace and the thing feels like my knee isn't going sideways At All. It's really solid on my knee and it's really cool and it comes with a very nifty sports back all in black with cool logos all over it. It's also very roomy, has useful compartments and straps and stuff and holds the brace quite handily. The first one we tried on was way too small for the way my leg was built, so we tried the next size up and it actually worked quite well.

What really amused me was that the lady in the office assumed that I was going to be going and playing hockey in the thing. I guess it was my attitude, or something. That pleased me.

John was doing much better, the florescent lighting showing a good deal of healing. That was nice.

We got home and there were three packages waiting for us and a slip in the mailbox about something insured. So we got the full report from the inspection company along with extra information about radon. Also I received the three pack of 8M SmartMedia and the D-500L camera. Ubid really did a lousy job of packing the camera. It was nearly loose in a plastic back in a small box that was packed loose in a bigger box that was also packed nearly loose in a giant box, so the whole thing was rattling around every time it was picked up and turned. Luckily, there wasn't any damage to the lense. We spent a lot of the evening just randomly taking pictures of Fezzik, each other, furniture, etc. just to see how it worked. That was pretty fun.

We were darned busy, I vacuumed everything before our walk. We also washed Fezzik with ice cold water while it was still light out as he had a really nasty hot spot that was smelling really awful and was getting runny and gummy everywhere. He was itching and unhappy, but really enjoyed getting the ice cold water on it to numb it down. So that was a good thing done.

We also got laundry done, and dinner done and all kinds of things unpacked, looked at and figured out. Fezzik's walk was done without a flashlight as the batteries were dead, dead, dead; but our eyes eventually adjusted to the darkness of 7:30 p.m.. What was astonishing, though was that as we headed back to the house, the frogs were out singing. It was a whole choir of croaks and cries, deep and shrill, slow and fast, filling the night with the singing. They're out, they're back, and it's nearly spring.

During the day I'd seen the buds on the cherry trees starting to bloom, the bright blush of pink everywhere. I'm hoping that by the time we get the house on the market the plum trees, wild and domestic will go crazy and bloom everywhere. that would be a very nice thing to have happen. The new rail about the patio is most excellent as are the stairs they finally built for real onto it. Very nice indeed. Best to be able to see them in the daylight.

I stayed up until midnight reading Chase The Morning. I think it's Michael Scot Rohan, who is the author. Very British. I loved it. Loved the ending, loved the whole concept of what one might Will is independent of how one gets it done. The choice is what matters. That was very cool. Worth the late night. I went upstairs to where John was snoring and thought about slipping into bed, but then decided, of a sudden that what I really wanted was a bath.

So I took one. Jasmine scented and hot and langorous, with the steam clouding all the windows. Mmmm...

Most of the day was spent in battling back to the functionality that I'd started yesterday with. It took most of the day, and it turned out that there was a nice way to get out of the internal network for getting to external machines. So, here I am. Netscape mail and utilities are very different from the Microsoft ones, in some ways better, in other ways worse. They don't really have their calendar stuff very well organized, yet, though I do like how they do email and my Web pages really do look kinda funny in Netscape, though still usable. That's the advantage to a very, very simple design.

I also had fun running around with the D-500L, snapping low-res pictures of everything and anything. I'd brought my serial cable to work, but didn't bring my software, so I can't download anything, yet. It's fun, though. Just odd pictures throughout the day, of Victor's, the folks there, of work, of lunch and the restaurant. Folks at work liked seeing the new toy.

On the way to work we stopped at the gravel pit and got a load of gravel in the Stoat's trailer. It was supposed to be a no-rain day, and on the way to work it started drizzling, but no real rain for the first time in a while. It took us long enough that the US Post Office was open when we got out, so we went there to pick up my insured package. It turned out to be my Pendemonium pen! Those guys are so fast it's just astonishing. I really do enjoy their quick service.

So, there I am at work with a glass ink well next to a digital camera next to a plunger type Pelikan pen that is just a beauty, but talk about a clash of technology levels! That was pretty cool.

In the end, things are working and I'm mostly back on my feet and I have all the things that I wished for. So, it looks like things are working out really well. Hoorah! We also got the pound of Kona peaberry coffee from Victor's that we ordered, they're roasted it the night before and it still needed another 12 hours to settle down to drinkability. So Jane warned us and so it should work out.

Tonight is mostly scheduled with filling in pot holes with the gravel. Whee.... what fun!

Then I get to play with the camera, do some downloading, figure out some stuff with the pen and try it out along with the ink well. The ink well is fairly broad in the base, so I'm some what sceptical of it working well for me so I might have to do a few modifications, short term ones at least. Maybe just rubber cement something to the bottom of the top section, as it's small enough to hold a reasonable amount of ink without exposing a large volume.

After this weekend, we'll be showing the house, so it will have to be in good shape by then. Lots of work, still to do that, but I think it should be okay.

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