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March 7, 1999
a year ago

Spring Cleaning With A Vengeance

There was that horrible bright thing in the sky again the next morning. So even after getting to sleep after 2 a.m. I got up at the ungodly hour of 9 a.m. and then made a bit of breakfast in the form of a chive omelet and more of that lovely Kona peaberry coffee. The kitchen and livingroom floor were covered in dried mud from Fezzik's wet days out the last week, so we got out the vacuum cleaner and vacuumed everything we could see, then started moving all the furniture in the livingroom so that I could get at all the things that I couldn't see.

The vacuum got a lot of dirt up, and then I went over everything with Murphy's oil soap. The wood floor was looking pretty dry in the areas that we used often, and the oil soap, if it was left on the surface oiled the wood and took care of the dryness. So I washed first the half of the livingroom floor that was cleared and then the whole of the kitchen floor. Then the foyer and the bathroom floors needed washing as well.

The floor sponge thing had a metal handle that had lost its grip a long time ago, and with all the square footage of stuff that I had to cover I decided to re-cover the grip area. It amused me, greatly, to cord the grip area as if it were a pole weapon, the knots and cording done according to a ronin station, for the mop served no particular lord. It vastly improved the grip and I enjoyed my inside joke.

By then John's parents arrived and his dad and John worked cleaning up stuff outside while John's mom started doing all the windows inside.

She had to wash all the windows in the area that we'd cleared, so I left that stuff alone and started doing the outside sides of all the windows. First the really tall windows that we could just spray with cleaning solution and then rinse, then the lower windows that I had to sponge clean with a soap solution and then squeegee dry. The windows on the parts of the house that were further up required ladder climbing and a bit of balancing on my part. I was very, very, very glad that my knee is back in shape again. I wouldn't have been able to make it up or down those even six months ago, I think.

As it was, it was doable and not particularly painful, either. Just a lot of work. Luckily, most of it was in the sunshine. Only late in the afternoon, as I finished working my way around the house and doing all the windows, did the clouds start to roll in and it got colder.

There is a lovely trick to cleaning windows. I really, really appreciate the first window washer who ever used a rubber squeegee, and got the thing dry instantly. That was just so cool. Anyway, I also cleared out cobwebs, spiders' nests, and various things from all the window sills and cleaned up the outside of the house pretty well. And the difference it's made is astonishing. I don't think I've seen the windows that clean for years.

Ross, the listing agent, was also puttering about, getting digital pictures, wandering about, getting the paperwork together and done and advising us as to what we needed to finish off before showing. Much of it was information he'd given us before, so it was good to know that he was that thorough. Made me feel good. Turned out that the appointment he'd made for earlier that day fell through because the house that he was going to hold an open house for had sold. That was cool. He sells houses! <grin>

By dark we were all sore and tired. John and his dad moved all the furniture in the part of the livingroom that hadn't been washed, yet, and John vacuumed. I washed that part of the floor while folks packed up, and then the four of us went to a local Mexican restaurant and ate. That felt really good. I was starving because I'd only drunk a banana, strawberry, yogurt smoothie thing for lunch. The liquid was good for me, but I needed something more solid for my stomach. The chicken mole enchiladas were spicy, rich with cocoa and warm with cinnamon. Yum. A good pint of Sprint and I was a very content girl.

It was only 7:30 by the time we got home from dinner and a trip to Target for the finishing touches on the house. We bought new soap dispensers and a few new floor mats for the front door and the kitchen. That was cool. I read A Floating Life: The Adventure of Li Po : An Historical Novel by Simon Elegant. It's very Chinese. In some ways, very English in others. The writer is Caucasian, and he makes analogies at the most interesting times for some of the stuff that happens. But it's a cooly fictional account of a life that was made mythic by the man that lived it and how it's done and the stories that are told are very keen indeed. Li Po wasn't someone that I knew much about, but evidently it's a by-product of my complete ignorance of Chinese works of literature. It's fun to get exposure to all that through this and in this way.

I hurt badly enough, when I went to sleep, that I didn't sleep that well.

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