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March 12, 1999
a year ago

Clean House

Have I ever really gotten across how odd it is that I have a clean house? What a complete oddity it is and what a completely cross-personality thing it is that I actually vacuum each morning this week? What a completely weird thing it is that my present domicile has near-white carpets and shining floors? This is the girl that used to have a college dormitory that no one else could walk into, who could, in the endless piles of Stuff pick out a needle instantly simply because she remembered where it was and who was proud of the act that most people would break ankles trying to walk into the place.

Okay. Maybe I still have some residual pride from that time of my life. Okay. Maybe there are no maybe's about it. But like Maya of a story line by Bruce Sterling, I seem to have gotten out of the habit of being messy. That I actually kinda like being able to find things after I've put them away and get back to them without thinking too much about where they've gotten to.

I've actually become neat.

It is a hell of a lot easier, though, with two people. Especially the bed making part. Yeah. We make the bed each morning now. What an odd concept. But all the stuff gets put away neatly and all the 'correct lights' get turned on and all the floors get vacuumed and then, if necessary, wet mopped to lift all the mud stains and magic-presto the whole place is *clean*.

It's utterly terrifying. In a good way.

Cathy at Victor's is getting a 'real job', which means we won't be able to ask her all the cool stuff about Boulder anymore, which is kinda sad, but we have her phone number and stuff, so we can ask. Connections are kinda cool in the long run.

I got something very, very pleasing and very, very surprising in my morning email. Peter of Helen: Sweetheart of the Internet wrote me to ask me to write a forward for his book that he's about to publish. So I'm definitely going to push his book here, no matter if I do get into it or not. It was very sweet of him to ask, and I'm still very flabbergasted. The only time I'm going to have for it is this coming weekend, so I'll have something to focus on for a bit, and see if I can't write something that is both intriguing and captures some of my feeling for the strip. It's funny, interesting, and touches a bit on how I feel about being a woman in a highly technical role. Which is very cool.

Sometimes I really wish I had her self-esteem.

Anyway... the day itself was okay. Hammering out stuff with the marketing folks and getting something done and some things figured out that couldn't have been without all the parties present. That is worthwhile doing. Reality checks from engineering and wild ideas from marketing and some wild ideas from engineering that then get marketing all worked up or all mad or something. It's always an interesting an pivotal process getting things hammered out at this stage, when anything can change, really and all it takes is a fairly strong opinion to do that.

All it takes. It's an odd time of the development process, I think. When all the dreams can get to a reality, but the road isn't always clear.

So we worked and hammered through stuff, and it was really good to know at a gut sense that the fears that I'd had yesterday just weren't real, that what was real was the changes I was pushing for and the things that were happening to what would be required and, perhaps more importantly, what wouldn't be required of engineering. The decisions are kinda confidential, but the doing of it was very cool.

Okay, for a big company, Xilinx has its act together.

Tonight John and I get to go to Rovers. John made the reservation a while back and we'll see what their spring menu is like as opposed to their fall menu. It should be a worthwhile comparison.

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