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March 14, 1999
a year ago

Busy, Mixed-up Weekend

Rovers was just marvelous, as always. Impeccible service, astonishing food and plenty of things to love in all that. It was really good, and we took our time over the food through 'til 10 from an 8 p.m. seating. I can't even list everything that we had. I have the menu at home along with a cool newspaper local magazine article about the restaurant's main chef. I like how he approaches the whole thing, it's not so much a business as a way to share his love of food with folks that also love food. That seems such a great way to do it.

The weekend was busy. Very busy. Random stuff in all directions, much like life has become recently.

John had one guy come over to pick up a Land Rover engine he had no use for, I ran around like crazy and planted a baby African violet so that it could survive the move even if the rest of the bigger plants got a bit smashed. There were a few spider plant babies I also planted. There was the rest of the quilt squares that I finished, and I even got to play with my quills a bit more as I wrote the forward for Peter's book.

I'm finally getting a nib tip that writes for a page or two at a time even with the finer/softer quills. They last longer because I cut them a bit more strongly.

Saturday morning, an agent came by to talk things through with us for his client who wanted to see it for a second time that morning. We'd had coffee and caramel pecan rolls so the kitchen smelled very nice. While we were waiting for him to arrive, I found my pile of Sculpie II &tm; and took small blobs of loose Sculpie from all the packets that were left and started mashing them together. The crystal ink well was very pretty, but it held way too much for me. I like only pouring a little ink into an ink well because I don't use that much of it at a time. I wanted something with that diagonal slant on the access, and I wanted something with a bit of a spout to pour the ink *back* into the bottle, neatly, when I was done.

So I took that mound of Sculpie, about ping pong ball sized and molded it into what I wanted, then I really looked at it and giggled a lot. It looked like nothing other than a great big wide-mouthed bass's mouth. So I made two googly eyes and stuck them on either side and giggled hugely as it now looked like nothing more than a surfacing fish with its mouth wide, wide open. So I stuck that in the oven just as the realtor appeared, and it baked into most excellent hardness while we talked.

Now I giggle every time I dip my pen into the ink.

That is pretty fun.

We had another showing Sunday afternoon as well, so we cleaned everything up half frantically, as Fezzik tracks dirt all over the kitchen floor whenever he comes into the house. Saturday morning we even had to completely wash the whole floor, as when he came in it was all wet mud splatter everywhere. The wet mop took care of it, but it took a lot more work than usual as the vacuum couldn't do a thing with the wet dirt. Both showings gave us opportunies to go shopping.

The Saturday shopping trip included all kinds of goodies including 'change of address cards' in eight different fonts on one side, the side with our home address on it, the other side had all our business contact information as well, in a very business like font that was the same for all the cards. We went happily wild on the home address side, as I had the font packages that Bryant had recommended. Had 'em printed on nice card stock and cut to about twice normal business card size, so folks could fold 'em in half to put 'em in their wallet, but were still big enough to remember and lose less easily.

We also went to Amphora, which was going out of business, so I bought rather large bottles of jasmine, rain forest, and honeysuckle essential oils. They'll last me for a while, I think. I hope. Though there are plenty of stores in Boulder that carry essential oils, I thought I should go to my normal supplier for a bit. Sadly, they are going out of business, there just isn't enough demand for that kind of thing, I guess.

Sunday we went grocery shopping while folks were out and bought ice cream and a few things. I've gotten hooked on Sobe drinks, they're fun, cooly colored and yummy. The herbal remedy stuff I take with a grain of salt, but some of them do seem to help out when I'm on the brink of a cold. The Lizard Blizzard has held back colds in the past, it seems.

Sunday night I also made Mary's brownies for us. Lovely rich things with macademia nuts, Van Houten cocoa, and plenty of Bernard C. chocolate. They were really good.

They helped us get through all the preliminiary paperwork and reading that we had to do when the agent and lady from Saturday morning decided to tender an offer on Sunday. Ross got it and brought it over to the house and we spent a good two hours going through it to make sure that we understood everything and that we really were going to go with it. Very careful in all aspects. The problem was that ReloPro was trying to work a deal with Xilinx about buying our house and then selling it to the other so that they wouldn't have to gross up our refunds; but that wasn't all done yet, and we weren't quite sure where everything was with that.

The offer looks good. It looks very keen from a lady that really wants our house and is willing to go to the trouble necessary to get it. It's nice, it was also somewhat mind boggling that in only, really five days on the market, we got a good, solid offer.


Saturday night we went to see The Corrupter with Regis and a number of her friends that she's spent the day with building flower beds. It's a dead serious movie. If you've seen the Killer, it's in that vein, where there is little room for humor or slapstick or any of the usual American action movie breaks. It's solid, it's serious, and has more plot in the first twenty minutes than most movies have in their entire length, and there's really cool twists in the plot that are absolutely beautiful to watch work out. The best bits is the action sequences, in my mind, but some folk's opinions will differ.

It does follow the trend of the more hardened protagonists and antagonists, innocent bystanders die. Things happens that one really wishes wouldn't. The action sequences, however, are also more complex, more intricately timed and acted and fitted together than nearly anything I've ever seen before. They also play superbly on tension. It was a right and tight action movie, but entirely without any of the clowning, or buddy-buddy relief that most American action movies have.

I loved it. As did all the people I was with, but most of them had seen a number of Hong Kong action films so were somewhat prepared for what they were getting into, and I could see how a general American audience might pan it the way some reviewers have. I loved it.

It was a really cool but really crazy weekend. I'm getting to the point where every single day is another list of things to do and things to make sure happen and things that really need to come together. It's confusing and chaotic and I have this feeling of seeing this tsunami coming and I'm out on the water and I'd better get going in the right direction at the right speed. Too fast, and the wave will break over me, too slow, I'll miss it completely and have to go it the hard way, just right and I might catch it for the ride of my life.

Then again, I guess, no matter how this goes, I'm going to end up in the same place at about the same time. I mean I'm going to end up in Boulder, things are pretty set in stone now. All the things that are within my control have been done, and those that are completely outside of it are... well, outside of it. I can't control wheither or not I'm going to have an accident or not, but I can at least get AAA to bail me out if it's not too bad. That kind of stuff. I'll set up what's under my control and leave the rest up to God or the Universe to take care of.

But all the things that I have to worry about and all the things that I have to keep track of are driving me insane.

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