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March 15, 1999
a year ago

Bridge Replacement

Interesting day today, we took the second step towards getting my bridge replaced. John and I actually left the house, got to work and the first thing that happened was that I got called by the cleaning people, who said that they couldn't get in. We couldn't raise the neighbors, so I decided that since I had a 10 am appointment to the dentist that I should just go home, first, drop a key off and then go to my appointment.

So I did that. The problem was that it took a bit longer, due to Monday morning traffic and I arrived at Dr. Synder's a few minutes late. Not that they noticed. I guess most people arrive a bit late for their appointments. We then spent the next two hours getting my old bridge out, fitting me with the temporary prosthetic, which looks a lot like a retainer with a tooth sticking out one bit of it, and getting good impressions of the gap and all the teeth neighboring the missing tooth. He also cleaned off my teeth, drilled in new ledges for the new bridge and then cleaned everything up again.

It did take a while. And they were perfectly professional and really good about what they were doing, so I was very pleased. I think that this bridge is going to last and stay in place a whole lot longer than the old one ever did.

But I was pretty brain muzzy by the time it was all over, and realized what time it actually was when I got into the car, which has a clock. No, I don't usually wear a watch, don't usually have to track time, I guess. I realized that even getting out of the parking lot John was already late for his hair cut appointment. I got back to the office to find a note on my desk saying that Ray had taken John and that he'd call when he was done.

While I waited, I finished off Peter's forward and sent it to him. Then John called and I went and got him and then we went to find some lunch.

The afternoon was good work. Got further with some coding stuff that I'd nearly given up on.

I spent the evening watching The Scarlet Pimpernil, one of A&E's new productions of old classics. It was... okay. Some of it was very, very good, some of it was very stiff, and some of it was typical TV movie, which was kinda sad. But the original material was so keen that it was hard to fault it completely. It's not as great as some of the old classic versions, though.

It was a very nice break from everything, and I went to sleep happily.

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