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March 16, 1999
a year ago

Bolts, Boxes and Pimpernil

Did a lot of running around today, too.

John needed more bolts for his Land Rover. He's putting Moby Dick together in the garage and while he has all the parts, he doesn't have all the bolts, so just about every other day he goes out and gets more bolts as he finds that he needs 'em and then puts 'em in and then discovers where he needs more. So we need more bolts.

I needed to get to a dental technical place to get my teeth 'shaded' for the new bridge. They would figure out the color of the new piece in the office and make it from what they figured out and specialized in finding. So we went and did those things. They took pictures, did comparisons against colored samples and I actually thought that the new prosthetic they made for me was pretty good, but I think they might actually mix up something special.

We then had to decide where to go for lunch. It's getting harder as the days go by, as we want to do things that are local and we have to decide on which ones we don't want to miss before we leave. In this case we went to Toshi's, one of the local teriyaki places. They do everything flame broiled and the short ribs are the best I've ever had, so I got one of those lunches and just ate it all when we got back to work.

We stayed later than usual, and then went home. Near the end of the day John talked with both Xilinx and the relocation company and from what we were able to discern the plan to buy relocating employee's houses in order to pay all the selling costs was going on inside the company but wasn't close to being done yet. So we decided to sell the house ourselves and just get reimbursed sometime.

I started packing the liquid death boxes, i.e. the things that the movers really don't want to move because if they break, they'll stain or smell or corrode the other things in the load. Since John and Fezzik and I are going to take a whole cargo van, we'll be able to bring these things with us instead of just throwing them all out. I'm packing them very tight and very solidly to be sure that they don't tip and don't spill and don't break as much as possible.

In the midst of the second box, John told me that Buffy was on.

I really do appreciate the fact that John remembers things for me, now, the things that I really like and that I really don't want to miss. He's been doing really good at pointing those things out when I'm busy doing something else that I can stop for a while, enjoy the thing that I wouldn't want to miss for a bit, and then go on with the work bits.

I am still thinking over the Buffy episode. No spoilers, but it made me think through some things. I am not at all sure that I liked the episode, but I liked it a lot better after it ended than while I was in the middle of watching it. There is only so many 'bad things' that can happen to my heros before I just get tired of it all and walk away.

Sleep. I long for sleep, but I never seem to get to sleep anymore, easily, too many things on the brain.

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