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March 18, 1999
a year ago

Usability, Zuka and Journals

I started the day with paper and scissors and a pen and started writing up and drawing up the various UI bits I wanted to do usability on, and then at 11 a.m. we went and asked the usual question set and then went over the quick usability test. It worked. I wasn't quite sure how to go about it, but it worked out the way I'd hoped it would and I think that it should be useful for future stuff.

It's good to know when a plan actually comes together.

So the afternoon has been kinda lazy for me. John was gone to show a Land Rover to someone that was interested in it. I forgot about lunch until I was dizzy, which didn't really help my work any. Then I realized that it's only ten days until we actually get up and go to Boulder. Ten more days. That's all.

Kinda crazy.

I picked a fight with Raven, for fun, and we fought happily and it's over and I think that things are cool. Jay's writing again, which makes me happy. Though I'm still sad that Heinovision still looks dead and gone forever. Much sadness.

I talked with Cera and talked with folks and Daimon's player is going through rougher times with a relocation than I am, even. Oddly enough that helps me out some. I know I don't have it *that* bad.

John and I got Zuka juices on the way home. He had a meeting at the church, so it was going to be a while until dinner. The juice thing filled me up pretty well and I puttered around the house, filling another box. If I do one a day, I think that I'll get most of it done before the guys even come. So far, it's three boxes, this one filled with the citric acid, various pen things, hair dye, and my sea unicorn as well as a few of my extra fragile teapots. I guess I'd rather they didn't break them... If I do, then it'll be my fault. My super fine yarns went in as padding of a sort.

Fezzik and I took his walk, since he ran off I've been putting him on a leash and he knows that he's under probation and seems to act much better due to that. The night was clear and lovely and we walked the dirt roads. I looked up and the trees are so tall that I have to bend all the way back to see the tops and the stars balanced in the branches. The dirt road's nicer now, with all the potholes filled in, as I don't have to look, quite as much, where I'm going. Nothing's going to suddenly fill my shoes with water, and all the frogs were out and singing again.

That was nice.

It was also nice to just sit and spill all my thoughts into a written journal when I did get home. There were two packages that were waiting for me from the day. The first was a Levenger box that had the Stanley desk journal in it. Mom bought me a Circa address book for Christmas along with the leather cover for the book. The problem was that the book didn't work worth a darn with the leather cover on it, it just wouldn't close. So I returned the leather cover and exchanged it for a journal.

I have no idea why, anymore. I mean... I have Circa notebooks everywhere, now, and they're really great for journal stuff because I can write in any of them and then pull the pages and stick them into the right book when I'm able to, and I'm also able to punch just about anything, tickets from a performance, tickets from the movie theater, flyers from a game, or the program from a performance, and put them into the notebook easily. The bound and leather covered journal has none of that capability.

What it does have is an incredible leather grain on the cover that is as smooth and soft and supple as only leather can be. The scent of it is lovely and the paper is just gorgeous to the touch and under the pen, even the quill pens. The ink lies down on it beautifully and doesn't feather, doesn't spread and dries with all the character of the application. So... it really is very nice. I just can't see me writing in it for a while. There is one spiral bound notebook I was going to try and finish, but it's just looking doomed now between the Circa notebook and the real leather covered journal.

I am writing most everything in the Circa at this point. It can hold the things I really want to remember after the move. Stuff like what magazines I want to subscribe to and what else I have to do.

The other thing that arrived was the kit for ink mixing, and the box had burst apart in the midst of the big box, that was filled with packing peanuts, so I was sifting through peanuts in an effort to find all the pieces. They were all whole, and the ink bottles are just beautiful and it looks like it would work beautifully, but the bottle for the 'thinner', the stuff that makes any made in more or less transparent, had a cap that you'd have to cut to open and then the cap on it was pretty flimsy. So I decided not to play with my new toy and just pack it up in the box. Sniff.

Gah. So many things to do.

Luckily paper and computers remember better than my little wet brain cells. I had to just write everything in my brain down on little notecards before I could get to sleep and then I dreamed about colored ink and how to mix them into exactly the colors I wanted. That was fun.

Flick is down for a bit, so I haven't been posting for a while, which means that I'm going to just pile things up for a bit and then stick things on as I can. With moving next week and all the things happening, things may or may not appear in any kind of timely fashion.

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