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March 17, 1999
a year ago

Wearing Too Much Green

I really went a bit overboard with the green today. Green leggings, green t-shirt, green wool plaid shirt, green socks, my hair hanging down so that it looked green with all the other color reflecting from it and on top of all that was my neon green raincoat. Bright and eye catching. I wandered through the day, half-resentful of all the folks wearing muted greens. Though I'll admit the folks at Victor's outdid me by quite a bit. Jeannie was in a brilliant green tutu with green t-shirt, green suspenders, and a sparkling green hat.

The Irish I've known taught me that St. Patrick's day was a day of Irish Pride. That that was when they rolled out the color and the pride and the drinking and the laughter and the tears and poetry and celebrated being what they were. Celebrated the individuality that brought them persecution from others that didn't like their ways, and celebrated the individuality of all folks that were 'left out'. So they always welcomed me to their parties and their ways of looking into this. That was always the coolest thing for me.

The defiance of all who might belittle those who are essentially different.

So lately I make a point to wear the Green, though without the old ramifications of those that wore the color that was a symbol of Irish defiance of British rule, and without much of the political statement, either. I mean, as a kid, it was mostly just so I didn't get pinched.

An odd thing to be passionate about anyway.

Day, it was a day. With running out at lunch time for various reason and Ray took us to the Taquaeria de Gallo for good local food, and I had the chicken en mole, and they had the burritos and it was yummy. I've found tha I have to take the retainer like thing out when I eat, it's just too hard to eat with it in.

I also found, on World Pen a kit for mixing your ink colors. It looked really, really cool and they're in Seattle, so I thought that I should get it quick so that it could arrive quick and then I'd be just done with it and could move with it or something. So I called 'em and ordered it. That was very cool. Though they do have a web page that seems to be where you can order things from, I couldn't figure out how to order the kit on the web page, and it turns out that there really isn't any way to do that, so they added the toll free number to order the kit with.

When we got home, Ross rolled right in after us. Over a few beers, and I drank a SoBe, we went over all the contract paperwork to allow the lady who offered on our house to buy it with the contingency of having to sell her home. We went over it all, read it all, then signed it all and initialled all the addendums, changes and bits filled in. Nearly two dozen pages of it. He was really good about explaining everything and about going through everything in detail, what was good, what was bad, what could get bad and what could go really, truly bad. That was really useful.

Took us a good two hours to get through everything and then double check it for any missing bits or pieces. It felt good when it was all done.

Dinner was crab cakes, great, big, filled with crab and pollock, peppers, green onion, white bread crumbs, and a bit of basalmic vinegar and other spices. It turned out reallygood, but the cakes fell apart really easily. I think I"m going to have to add a bit of egg white or something to hold them together.

I also finished the box I started the night before, filled it with the essential oils and inks, all well wrapped in protective papers and got them all tucked into well-supported crannies in the box. I think that should do okay. There's quite a few more to go.

The other thing that arrived today was the floppy disk converter for the digital camera arrived, so John and I did the software download for the whole 8Meg of SmartMedia pictures and they turned out really great. There were a number that I'd deleted and some that we had to delete because they were blurry. I think I just didn't stay still long enough for the long shutter time or something. I want to download the 2 M card sometime and play with it as well.

I have no idea if it was good or bad, but I dreamed of people coming to the house trying to shoot us, but we usually figured it out early enough that we could shoot them before they got us. That was pretty wild.

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