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March 25, 1999
a year ago

Living out of Boxes

It's actually much easier than I'd thought.

What's kinda cool is that I'm actually pretty happy, now. Things are in complete chaos, the house is filled with packed boxes, we can't find anything, likely, not a single book that I have is something that I can get at. Well, okay, one book is available to me, that's Sean Stewart's Night Magic, I got it out for reading sometime or another on the three day trip from here to there.

Things are mapped out, most of the actions, with leeway and margin for error and mistake and things that go thump in the night.

The movers, this morning, didn't show up like they said they were going to. We waited until 9:30, as folks really do get lost getting to our house, then John called in and Graebel found out that their dispatchers didn't even know that a truck was supposed to be at our house. They called it a computer error, as they were swapping over computer systems and forgot, somehow, to add our house back onto the new computer's schedules, when the packers were on there, somehow. The great good thing was that they decided to make up for it, and they are going to send two crews into the house tomorrow and get everything done in a day, hopefully.

It's a measure of how far I've gotten and where my attitude is when that was just fine by me. It's not really that big a deal, and it will work out, as it's well within our margins of error. Even if they did take part of Saturday to get things together, it would just mean more time for the carpets to dry on the other end. Not a bad thing.

Today was a little seminar on change and transition, that was pretty cool. Change is the time for most creativity and the capability of creativity to conquer chaos is highest because there's more chaos. It's like why it's so much more possible to make huge amounts of money in a changing and fluctuating stock market, because there is simply so much change to benefit from and profit from.

Though, admittedly, in the middle of it all it doesn't feel like that at all. It feels mostly like complete chaos and things get all muddled and the head hurts and the body aches and muscles tighten up and... well... stress, you know? But it's possible to ignore that. Possible to just keep going and doing things that just don't seem possible to do if you stop and think about it, or at least, if *I* stop and think about it. Thing is, if I don't stop and think, I do just fine. Just keep putting one foot in front of another and each thing gets done.

Another thing that did get done was that this morning we signed the papers that pretty much close the deal with the initial offer. She got a bridge loan, which will cover the downpayment and all that until she can sell her house. We did give her the things that we would fix and it's a reasonable list and less money, in the long run, than the money that we'd have given up for the other offer, so that's a good thing to have done.

Last night I was so sick it was actually kinda funny. I was exhausted, dehydrated from my running nose, and I got home in the afternoon, after a good lunch with James, and let John get to work to deal with things there. He had boxes still to pack and stuff to put together. Lots of things. I stayed home and watched the packers finish off the garage, signed papers on the things that were done, and then tried to watch TV until John came home. It was hard because my head hurt. That should have been some indication, but my brain was mostly pudding by this point. I even lay on the couch, but I couldn't go to sleep, because there were too many things going on in my brain. That hurt.

John did get home, and it turned out that they'd packed our pillows, by accident. So we went to Target and bought two extra-firm pillows as we both sleep on our sides and we wanted to see what that was like. Besides, they'll be good for the trip for when the hotel has either rocks for pillows or feather pillows that will make me sneeze my head off. We had to even buy pillow cases as they were all packed too. Not too bad, to have the only things that we needed out were the pillows, of all the many things we could have needed from the packed boxes, it wasn't a bad thing to be missing.

We then went to Tombo's for dinner. Kind of a One Last Time kind of thing, I guess. It's pretty much our favorite place to eat, as it's so good, so fast and so friendly. It was also the first time that I'd ever seen, really seen, the ramen on the menu, and with my cold it was a godsend. The soup was utterly marvelous on my raw throat, and the noodles were warm on my stomach and I really enjoyed the big chunks of fish, scallop and shrimp. It was very, very good, satisfying at a soul level as well as at the gut level. That was very keen.

We then went and saw Wing Commander, which many not have been the wisest thing to do, considering my cold, but it was very, very fun. What was cooler, yet, was that when we walked into the theater we were the only ones in the room. It was like having the most gigantic TV set ever. That was very cool. I could just kick back, relax, and put my drink at my hand and just lay there to watch the previews. By the time the movie went on, though, a half a dozen other people had wandered in; but my seat was as comfy, so I just relaxed and enjoyed it.

Okay. I'll admit it. I do not walk into a movie based on a video game because I believe it will be deep, meaningful, or particularly plot heavy. I got pretty much what I wanted, with a good dab of submarine and navy ships on the water battle strategy as well. That was was pretty cool. It was fun, flashy, and with really plastic bad guys, as expected. Nice, shallow fun that the brain didn't have to work too hard to figure out.

By the end of it my brain was very glad it hadn't had to work at anything. It was very tired and hurt quite a lot. I was kinda wobbly getting to the car. I thought about it. What do I get when I mix the last day of PMS, with an awful head cold and moving?

Uhm... believe it or not, I get pretty content with the fact that things are going pretty well anyway. And much thankfulness for the fact that Motrin really, truly works on my headaches. What was better yet was that John didn't snore at all. It's a good habit, I think, to keep looking at what I really can do, what I really can influence and when I can't change it to work with what I can. That works in the long run, it's practical and I'm not setting myself up for falls with things that I have no way of controlling. Things do go wrong. No matter how much I plan, something can still pull out of my control. I can just pull the strings that I can pull, the rest is just up to the world to take care of.

It's going to happen. Things are going to work out. It's just a matter of time, sweat, and working through the steps.

I may not get back to this for a while, I may be back tomorrow, depending on how things go. I might have Internet access along the trip, and I might be able to update as I go. That would be fun.

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