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March 26, 1999
a year ago

Good Things

Good things are happening today. Lots of them. It's as if having a lot of people think about us has really changed something, somewhere.

Last night, I wasn't nearly as balanced as I'd thought I was, or, maybe, more realistically, hoped I was. I found that I was pretty ragged, socially, more so than I really wanted to be. There are some introvert tendencies that are really hard to ignore, sometimes, but sometimes they just have to be ignored.

And, in the end, I think it's good for me, when I can do some of that when it's necessary or at least good for me. I mean... it's the last time for a lot of good-byes now and having folks over is a thing I really can't regret, even if I don't really feel like having folks over. It's an odd thing, all in all, though I guess this whole change and transition always has elements of both good and bad.

So it was actually really good when the Bowns came over and the kids came over to play with Fezzik. It turned out that when they told the kids that John and Phyllis were moving away, they got sad; but when they were told that Fezzik was also going away, they just burst into tears. So they needed a play time with the three of us, and so we obliged. I have to say that I wasn't looking forward to it, stayed at work to write journal stuff to stay away from home for a while; but eventually I went home and it turned out to be a lot of fun in some ways.

The kids had a great time. We had a great time. Tom and Jenny brought a lovely toy for the two of us, which was a really, really cool set of chutes and hinged cups for the refrigerator that let a marble down the door of the fridge. It was totally cool. The kids loved it and Fezzik was happy to be in the midst of the excitement. That was really keen.

We then went to dinner, and we dealt really well. The Golden Wok got to see us one last time, and the owner said she was sorry to see us go. I was very glad to see that they're doing well, on a Thursday night the parking lot was packed and there wasn't that much room in the restaurant itself. So that was really good.

We hugged 'em good-bye one last time and that was that. John and I toddled off to Starbucks for hot chocolate as we hadn't any milk or chocolate, though the sources of heat still existed. Then home, and getting ready for sleep and I took another long, hot bath. Sleep was deep and I seem to be getting better from my cold eventhough I really didn't do anything to help. Sleep, what's sleep?

Woke up this morning fresh and clear. I feel pretty good, and we got up around 6 a.m. to get ready for the movers that were supposed to arrive around 7 a.m.. I got myself together and someone knocked on the door around quarter 'til 7, turned out to be part of the crew, who had gotten here early and they just came to tell us that they were at the top of the driveway and were just waiting for everyone else. That was very good to know. Promptly, five minutes before seven the rest of the crew showed up and we took them on a tour through the house to show them what goes, what doesn't go and what was left to do.

Graebel is our moving company. They are *GOOD*. I can't emphasize it enough, but all the people we've been in contact with so far have been really proud of their jobs, proud of their work, and proud of doing it right and thoroughly. The sense of responsibility in each of the individuals has been really cool, and the way they've now got things set up sets the responsibility on the people who can do something about it. Things like having one driver be responsible for all the loading, all the unloading and the whole inventory has been really cool. Having all the folks initial all the things that they did, was not just a liability thing, but also a pride thing, I think. They've all been quick, courteous and polite and good at just getting things done. Planning the attack and just executing.

They're also good about fixing things after a screw-up, too. After the mess with the crew and truck yesterday, they did get two crews out early and they got them working fast, and it's working out beautifully.

The driver was also a prize. Turns out that he's an ex-driver in the Camel Trophy!!! The Camel Trophy is a relic of by-gone days, where Land Rover would supply fully-outfitted trucks to an International set of teams that then haul themselves through hundreds of miles of the worst roads that exist on the face of the planet, through jungles, through deserts, and this guy went to Siberia. Wow. In the past, they've always driven Land Rover, just this year, it's changed because of the new ownership of the company or something. But the legacy is magnificent.

And our driver is one of possibly a thousand human beings who've done this thing. What are the odds? All in all it's a very, very darned cool thing to have happen. He loved the Land Rovers we have and said to John, "I will take care of your babies." Amusingly enough, when he was talking with the dispatcher about the Land Rovers and the fact that he'd been in the Camel Trophy, the dispatcher had asked if he'd ridden camels? The driver looked very pleased when it was obvious that John and I knew what he was talking about. It really reminded me of how I probably look or feel when someone really understands what it means to be from Caltech. There are certain experiences that really test personalities.

I have to admit that that made me feel better. A guy that can deal with the things that he had to deal with on that trip can handle something as straightforward as moving all our stuff to somewhere else. Also, thinking about it, he actually delivered a different load the night before, which meant that if Graebel hadn't made their 'computer error' we wouldn't have gotten him.

Another good thing that happened was that we talked with the doctor today about the results of all our fertility testing. Looks like there is, indeed an explanation for the last several years. I seem to have a lot of scar tissue that's surrounding the openings in the fellopian tubes. Which is likely why the eggs aren't getting through. It's just a matter of an orthoscopic exam and cleanup, if it's what it seems to be, and that should be enough to clear things out. So I'm now really, really glad that we went through the battery of tests, we can't do a darned thing about 'stress', which is what all the uninformed opinions were saying was the matter with us. We can do something pretty specific about a physical barrier, though.

So that was the other good news.

Things seem to be working pretty well at work, too. I got my whole working directory copied and setup so that things can work when I copy things over in Boulder. I have my machine still on-line here in Redmond, so I can get anything that got messed up in the transfer, but at least I'll have the bulk of it, I think. ZIP drives and CD's should do the trick. We need to get one meeting done and we should be set for the party tonight.

We also have to get home at least once this afternoon, to check on how things are going, and make sure that things are done before we can get to the party, so we're bagging a few meeting. There is just too much happening for us to really get into some of this stuff. I will probably not print out stuff either as it's all company confidential and I am not that absolutely sure of the security of our things. There's time enough to do all that when we get to Boulder.

Gah. We're leaving tomorrow.

That hits the gut like a ton of bricks.

Anyway... we'll do okay, I think. All in all, there's not all that much more to take care of, and what there is... well... we'll be able to live without most of it for a while, I think. When I can mostly live with just an ID and credit card and the only thing that's completely fitted to me, which is my toothguard, the rest is gravy, I think. Nice gravy, to be sure.

Sometimes, though, I realize just how crazy it all is, and figure that I am teetering between dealing and just screaming.

Oh, yeah, we have the Budget van we're driving to Boulder, so it's just one more thing in our grasp that should work out better for it being in our control. I'm also having to say goodbye to the folks here that aren't going to make it to the party and that's been extra hard... ah well... I think that, this time, I'm not posting again until we get to the other side... take care...

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