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May 5, 2001
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Infant Massage Class

9:35 pm: The infant massage class was a lot of fun. There were 15 babies and their families as well as all the massage therapist students and every family had their own 'nest' with pillows, pad and a sheet over it all. The students were teaching the parents how to do it and we all got a small bottle of apricot kernel oil because mineral oils can sometimes be a problem.

It took a lot of work for us to get ready for it and John was working for a lot of the morning, trying to get caught up with some things. Jet actually had a really active morning, and we were good about getting him to take a small nap before lunch. He slept pretty well, and so for the class he was awake and alert, though he'd taken the edge off with his morning of playing hard with Dad.

Jet really liked the massage, I think. He was cooing, smiling, and stretching the leg that was being worked on when either of us did it. He had one huge poopy diaper in the middle of all that, but only fussed after a while. He liked seeing all the people, the new place, and our student-teacher. We also met the co-workers who had their baby soon after ours, and it was really neat to compare notes.

They had a little video thing, too, which was really nice because I could feed Jet while everyone was watching it. That was cool and made it easy to go to the grocery store that was right next to the school right after. Jet did great in the grocery store and completely charmed the lady in line behind us.

On the way home, he started yelling, and we stopped in a parking lot and I stood out in the rain while I changed Jet on the back seat of the car. I don't know if it was because he was no longer in the really uncomfortable position I had to put him in for the change or the change itself, but he was happy the whole way back. That was nice.

The evening was with Mai and Andrew Hamilton, sadly Bob got digestive problems just before dinner, so he didn't come. The five of us went to Lui's Chinese Cuisine in Erie and ate there happily. Jet was really great for the dinner, quiet and looking around a lot. He cried near the end of it, as he was pretty tired, and I bounced him a bit and he fell asleep for just a short, twenty minute nap.

We got him home and gave Andrew and Mei slices of apple pie for them and for Bob. Mei made me feel really good by being amazed that I could make a pie between Jet and work. Then they left for home.

I fed Jet and he then had, for the first time in a long time,a rather long play period right there on the floor. Most evenings he's so hungry he just fusses the whole time. Tonight he lay on the play mat and wiggled, squawked and then started watching "Asteroid" during all the explosions of the Russian space station. With all the fire and explosions the TV was flashing a lot, and Jet watched it all, fascinated.

That was pretty cool.

I think he has more and more play time and awake and aware time where he's just happy. I like seeing that and I think I need to figure out more to do with him while he's in that state. He's so open to things. This afternoon, during one play period, he managed to get a grip on the little Whozzit and get it turned to face him with is funny face, and he just stared at it intently. John said that earlier, he'd gotten a hold of the bug with a mirror in its belly and he'd been studying his reflection in it as intently.

He's so wide open and learning from everything. It's amazing to watch and wonder what it is he's getting each day.

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