Liralen's Adventure Through Life
May 2001
  1: Starting Work
  2: Three Months Old
  3: Hair Cuts
  4: CeLena Massage
  5: Infant Massage Class
  6: Busy Sunday
  7: Growth Spurt Day
  8: Funding College
  9: Work Morning
10: Rewards
11: Clean Windows
12: Massage and Happy Bath
13: Happy Mother's Day
14: Learning Where He Is
15: Things To Do
16: Fun With Unix
17: Out and About
18: Pho
19: Super Shopping Trip
20: Crib Research
21: A Good Work Day
22: Exercise and Reflections
23: Organization
24: Bleary and Coping
25: Burning Both Ends
26: Boulder Creek Fair
27: Putterday
28: Fun Out And About
29: Joy
30: Dim Sum
31: Finishing The Crib

I started back to work at a quarter time this month and we gradually got more organized about me working and trying to do other things as well. After the trip to San Diego, we did a lot more trips out of the house that were longer and filled with more things to do and a few feedings on the run.

I got more exercise, did more cooking by myself, and gradually found that working really was something I needed to do. Still, taking care of Jet has been a real treat, too, even with the middle of the night feedings that did continue through his fourth month.

Jet got a lot bigger, and has started to completely fill his bassinet, so we went on some expeditions to find him a crib that we were happy with.

I also experienced my very first Mother's Day as a mother. That was quite the trip.

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