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May 4, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

CeLena Massage

9:07 pm: Today really made me think that work is going to be a lot harder without some person to watch Jet while we're here. I only had to do one hour more for the ten hours of this week, and with what went on today, I found it nearly impossible to find that one hour.

John worked for most of the morning, and I had a little time while Jet was playing on the floor to try and set up my machine, but after plugging everything in and getting the network to at least give me an error message, Jet got some gas and I had to take him downstairs.

I had a 1:30 appiontment with CeLena, with the Erie Massage Therapy rather than going all the way into Boulder. John and I had a good lunch and he took Jet in the Rangy while I went in the Passat.

CeLena has moved her massage to her house. So we went there, and it was so nice to have the trip only be for ten minutes. We brought Jet rather than bringing pictures, and she thought he was really cute. She had a baby herself, a tiny black kitten.

Oops. I'm so allergic to cats it's not every funny, but I thought I'd be brave and stay. She was still debating wheither or not to keep the kitten and the kitten had another home waiting for her. It was really odd to realize that CeLena was asking me if she should keep the kitten or not because if she was going to lose customers who were allergic to the kitten it would be better for her to give up the tiny cuty.

It was really weird having her ask if I'd come back knowing the kitten was there. She had other customers who were also allergic, but it really sounded as if she would be using me as the rule. That was really hard.

I like cats. What's worse is that I was mostly at CeLena's because Michele and I just passed each others schedules this week. She was sick on Monday and when we rescheduled for Wednesday I found out that we had a meeting then, so I wasn't able to make it at all. We're scheduled again for two weeks from now, so I'm not going to be at CeLena's regularly. I like the fact that I can bring Jet with me and Michele knows what to do with him.

And CeLena's massages still hurt a lot more than Michele's. I don't know if it's more or less effective, but in the course of it, it was pretty painful. Still, she did address most of my more painful bits.

Got home to feed Jet and took care of him for much of the afternoon. I had a little time after the feeding, where Jet wanted to go to sleep, so I put him in the sling and he slept while John helped me finish setting up my machine. I thenI went through email and did some answering as well as reading. Nice to have two hands at once. But it was for only half an hour, and I got pretty frustrated.

John took him for another fifteen minutes after that and I got to finish the thought arc. That was quite the relief.

So I then took Jet for a while after that, and John had bounced some gas out of him, so after I'd fed him again, he was happy to play in the bassinet for a while and watch me cook dinner. I took the mushroom pasta, mixed it with eggs, bread crumbs, and freshly grated parmesiana reggiano. I then turned the mixture into a fry panwith olive oil and let it cook. I also sprinkled grated parmesian and garlic powder on cresent rolls and put them in the oven. There wasn't any meat in the pasta, so I took four meatballs and put them in the same tomato basil sauce that was at the base of the mushroom pasta and let them heat through.

John made salad and it all came together in a very nice meal. After dinner I fed Jet again while John finished some work things, and when I was done with that John took Jet for an hour while I posted journal entries, and then quickly assembled an apple pie using Granny Smith apples, a bit of sugar and lots of fresh-ground cinnamon.. The pie baked while I fed Jet again, for the last time today, and when I was done, it was done. That was pretty neat.

I'd made a mistake with the crust, misremembering the amount of shortening and nearly doubling it; but it turned out really flaky and tender,the apples were tart and tasty. The cinnamon added a sweetness that was very nice as well. Eating just a sliver of it hot from the oven did really well for a just-before-bed snack. I get hungrier at night than I used to, I think that the breastfeeding at night contributes to that a little.

Jet keeps leaving the last half ounce of his six ounce bottle, so he may well, finally, be plateauing, or my milk production is finally keeping up with that part of his evening demand. So he only needs that much more, so I should probably just make that first bottle five and a half ounces instead of six, and keep the rest of what I happen to pump the two times I do pump for the late night feeding.

I actually did okay for sleep last night, I hope I can again.

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