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May 6, 2001
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Busy Sunday

Jet slept for six hours straight last night, from 9:30 to 3:30, which was very nice. I got a good sleep after my midnight pumping and he took only an hour to get fed, settled, and asleep again. John took him at 5 and at 6, and so I was able to sleep until about eight. That was very nice indeed. From 10 to 8 is about ten hours, and even with the hour long feed and the half an hour for pumping and whatever time it took for me to get back to sleep, I had about eight hours of sleep.

That was very nice indeed.

I used the leftover corned beef and the boiled potato for corned beef hash. I cooked eggs for us as well, and that made a very neat breakfast that was filling but not too huge.

We then did a bunch of pictures this morning, the three of us. Jet eating when he needed to and the two of us just running through three weeks' worth of pictures and getting them set up properly on Jet's page. Jet slept for maybe half an hour while we were doing this, occassionally just sitting on my lap while I bounced on the exercise ball and he'd watch the pictures with interest.

Unlike yesterday we were able to have a leasurely lunch. Partially since breakfast was early enough that we were hungry by 11:30, it was really good to just eat leftovers and feel virtuous. I fed Jet after we ate, and then loaded him into the car and we went off to the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. We were even able to get there a few minutes early and settle ourselves in our 'nest'. Since Jet was bounded by pillows, John lay down on one side and I laid down on the other after snapping a few pictures.

Our student-teacher arrived soon after and we stripped Jet down this time to give him a belly and chest massage. It's supposed to help with his digestive system, but since it moved stuff around, Jet was mildly unhappy with it all. He didn't mind the chest massage at all, but he really did mind the belly massage. Also, since he was without a diaper, he did manage to get lots of stuff pretty wet in the process, though they'd set up towels and things to catch it all, he was still unhappy with the wetness when it did happen. So we were changing towels and stuff pretty frequently.

It was pretty cool, though. Next week is arms and back, it'll be cool to see the whole thing in action.

I fed Jet for the last half hour of the class, and so he was fortified when the three of us went to Longmont to pick Andrew up. He wanted to use the ride-on mower to mow our lawn, and so we picked him up to do it. He came home with us and I went inside to take care of Jet while he and John worked on the yard outside.

It's actually been sunny today, for the first time in four or five days. We were actually able to see the sun and it was dry enough outside for the lawn mower to not have a problem. So they did just fine.

Andrew managed to finish the back lot in only two hours, which was plenty of time for us to get him back home for dinner. So we drove on up, dropped him off, and then went to the Safeway that was right next to their house for the few things we'd forgotten yesterday.

Jet had fun playing the 'kick the blanket off' game in the store, and it was funny watching for the blanket every now and then while John was looking at something. It was a fun and leasurely shopping, as Jet was in an okay mood and we didn't have all that much we had to get. Again, in the produce section, we weighted Jet. This time, though, John put Jet's blanket in the bucket, to pad it a little and so it would support all of Jet's body. This time Jet weighed in at 11 pounds and 12 ounces, minus his suit and diaper, he's about 11 pounds and 7 ounces! Wow!

What was even more amazing was that on the ride home, Jet stayed wide awake. He'd only had the morning nap during pictures, so he hadn't napped nearly at all today. Some of why he stayed awake was because his nose was plugged and he was having a hard time breathing. We cleaned that out when we got home, and he was much happier with that.

I think I'm getting good with the aspirator as while Jet is sometimes surprised by the suction, he doesn't cry wildly while I chase boogers. He also smiles when he finds out that it really helps him breath. When he was cleared out I then got him latched on to eat.

While I fed Jet, John and I talked about the schedule for tonight, and what all the possible things were that could happen. He might actually sleep through the night tonight, and I'll have to probably pump twice or something. Lots of possibilities and contingencies. Finally, John just got dinner ready.

I'd bought some fresh pasta and it was fettecini instead of linguini, but it was still good with the can of Trader Joe's white clam sauce we'd bought in San Diego. John put it all together while I finished feeding Jet, and Jet was pretty happy playing in his bassinet for most of the meal. I found that I could just hold him in my lap while I leaned over my plate to finish my dinner. I couldn't have done that a few weeks ago. Jet's size now fits pretty well that way.

After dinner, John and I both played with him for a while and cleaned up and cleared up the kitchen so that we could give him a bath. I'm still amazed that we probably do our dishes far more frequently now with Jet than we ever did without him.

The bath went well. Jet's neck was just gooey from spilled milk. I think we really should be bathing him twice a week, now, instead of just the one when he was a newborn. I'll just have to do it more often. He ended up in the dryer warmed bunting and suckled nicely on me while looking like he was completely asleep. Both John and I had apple pie with ice cream while Jet ate. Then John managed to get most of the 5.5 ounce bottle into him, and then he went to sleep like a stone.

Both John and I are still up watching the LA versus Colorado hockey game. It's been very very close, the game has been like the series, and the last game was decided by only one goal and tonight's looks like it will be that way too. It also started early enough that now at 10 p.m. it looks like it's going to be over soon, or go into overtime. I'm pretty sure John will record overtime if that happens and we'll see it in the morning.

If Jet's going to sleep through the night, it's most likely going to be tonight. After all the trips today, the massage, the single nap all day and the bath the tyke should be exhausted. I'm exhausted. Good night.

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