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May 15, 2001
two years ago
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Things To Do

9:42 pm: A highly structured day today, though it was all with people who were flexible enough to deal. I had a 11:45 massage appointment with Michele and we had Haley's birthday party tonight with the Goodells, so we had things to do and people to see.

As usual, I felt completely overwhelmed and resentful of the appointment and having to do all the things that I had to do to get there, and make sure that Jet was happy or at least not actively unhappy.

Jet did really well last night, slept six hours to start. I'd pumped around 1, and he didn't get up until 3:30 a.m.. I had plenty of milk in me, so he only ate two ounces of bottled stuff. He then, of course, got the hiccups and every time he fell asleep he'd wake himself up with a hiccup. Poor guy. It took us half an hour to get him to fall asleep with that.

Of course, he then woke up at 5:30, just an hour later. John took him and put him in the sling to sleep while he worked. I got to sleep too. Yay!

John was going to work at 9:30, so I got up at 7:30 so that I could pump, have breakfast, and get half an hour of work in before he left. I had an hour meeting in the afternoon, so that would be one of my two hours, and the other would be split among my morning and evening times. It's surprising how much I can get done when I plan for that half hour while I'm nursing Jet or doing other things. Nice to be able to think about it even when I can't do anything.

I left for Michele's at 10:45, and once there I nursed Jet for half an hour before she called me into my appointment. Jet fell asleep on the ride over and then again while I was feeding him, so I left him in the car seat and let him sleep while I had my massage. While I'm having my massage it all seems worth it, but it's after all the hard work of getting there. Still, it worked and I felt much better after all the work she did on me.

With about fifteen minutes left to the massage, Jet woke up and had a giant poopy diaper. Michele was a trooper and changed it for me so that I could just lie there. Then Jet was quiet for about five minutes before bursting out crying again. Michele talked him into giving her just a few more minutes to finish the massage, and I got a few finishing touches before my time was up.

It's so nice having her capable of dealing with having the baby there. Part of the post-partum massage care, I think. While CeLena's is much easier on my time, Michele really has the touch to do things thoroughly and without pain. CeLena's massage just hurt so much that last time, I was really thinking of not going back for that reason, not the kitten in any way.

We got back home around 2. I bounced Jet while I ate lunch, and then played with him while I put on the head phone for my meeting. He then wanted to eat, so I put him on during the meeting and he fell asleep in the heat while i listened to the goings-ons in the company that were going to impact us.

John got home around 5:30, and between staying later and the two hours he'd done early, he'll have more time home later in the week, he says. We'll see how that works out.

He did, however, take Jet on getting home and let me have my other half an hour while he made chicken and carnitas encheladas from leftovers and the corn tortillas we had in the fridge. There was enchilada sauce in the pantry and he used that up happily along with some onion and cheese. It smelled wonderful when I came down to hungry squawks from Jet.

I fed him while the enchiladas baked, and John did some email with some prospective buyers for Borax. We ate cheerfully and I fed Jet just a bit more before we left for the Goodells.

Joan's mom and dad and sister and her son were all there for Haley's birthday party. She had chocolate cake all over herself for her first birthday and it was lots of fun to watch her eat and pat the cake into her hair. Then she got to sit down and open all her presents with lots of lunging and ripping and playing with the paper and the boxes. Alex wanted to play with her toys while she was playing with the wrapping.

Jet watched it all from various arms. Joan's mom and sister loved holding him, and he was content to be cradled and to watch the ceiling fan and the other kids from his safe vantage point. Haley was fascinated by him, and jealous when her mom or dad held him. It was kind of cool to see the interaction.

At one point John put Jet on his stomach on the floor. Jet's got his head up completely, now, all the time, and he was up on his hands with his arms straight out. He let one arm collapse, kicked with the opposite leg and 'floop' he was on his back. Yay! John said he'd done it the other morning, and it was cool to see him actually do it.

I nursed him around 8, and he lasted until his usual last feeding time of quarter til nine, and then he was pretty emphatic about having had enough. So we all went home, and he got his last feeding and his bottle and then, for some reason, he popped awake. He's just completely awake, and he's now in his bassinet making dolphin baby sounds to himself, not crying or anything, but wide, wide awake.

We'll have to see if he can put himself to sleep tonight, I guess.

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