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May 14, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Learning Where He Is

10:36 am: So, last night, when Jet got up at 2:45, he was all smiles. Kicking and coo'ing and warbling at me while I changed a really hugely soaked diaper. His legs and arms were cold as he'd completely kicked off his blanket and we'd had the windows in the bedroom open to cool everything off from the heat of the day. But he was happy as could be, just smiling and thumping both legs onto the changing table for fun.

He ate steadily, finished off his bottle, smiled sleepily and started snoring almost as soon as I had him vertical against my chest. He was completely done with change, eating, and getting back to sleep in about forty five minutes.

Wow, if he has to get up in the middle of the night, that's the way to go.

John heard Jet squeaking some at 5, but he went back to sleep himself. Then the two of them got up at 6, and I didn't hear a thing while they got up, changed, and made coffee. Jet was squawking at full volume while playing and I ignored it all until about 7:30, when I noticed the towel I sleep on now was wet with milk. Oops. Leaking in my sleep. So I got up and pumped four and a half ounces. Yeah! 3:43 pm: Just went out for a short walk. The thunderheads are overhead, but there isn't any rain reaching the ground here. I could see rain falling to the north and to the south, but there wasn't any here and only the slightest of breezes. Jet was in the sling and he watched the neighborhood go by for half the walk and then fell asleep for the second half. He was pretty fussy before this and rubbing his eyes, so I think he was tired.

He's getting his usual 3-4 nap, anyway, so that's a useful thing.

I had an hour long meeting and John took him for that hour, and Jet yelled and cried and fussed for a lot of it. He then ate off me after the meeting as well as just before it, and he had his grin on when he got put into the position and saw the shirt coming up. I think he's starting to connect things up.

I did manage to give him his massage just before lunch. All over. Legs first, then belly and chest, then arms, and finally his back. He hated having his back done but he did get his head up completely to protest that event. So I thought it was a good thing, a good way for him to exercise his back and neck muscles.

John read the pediatrics book on the 4 months to 7 month time period and started laughing uncontrollably when it said, 'Your child should continue to gain 1 to 1 1/4 pounds per *month*.' Ha. It amuses me to know that I'm not at all worried about the gain. Jet's not tubby, he's lean and active and happy as a clam, so there's nothing for me to worry about. So long as he's moving like crazy and can move like crazy, I expect that he'll be just fine weight-wise.

It also looks like Jet's learning where his feet are. Where he used to bat at things with his fists, he's now kicking them as hard as he can. The arch of toys is now kick-boxing practice targets. He's just going at them with his feet. More often than not, when he's playing in his bassinet, now, all I see are a pair of kicking feet. It really makes me wonder if this is how Jet Li started.

There was a new exercise that was introduced on Saturday with the massages. It was something where you stretch and cross his arms, then his legs, and then you cross opposing arm and leg with each other. It's supposed to help fire neurons crossing the body and the two halves of the brain that control the two halves of the body. Just get those neurons to fire and build a little coordination.

It just amuses me that immediately after that, he starts banging things with his feet instead of his hands. Coincidence, I'm sure.

The storm ight be blowing in from the south. I can but hope. The temperature is going down decisively, though, from 86 earlier this afternoon to only 75 now. Neat. I really hate this high 80's.

I sat down and read much of Cera's journal for the months I was out. It was very cool to get caught up with her again, and sad about her job stuff. I hope that all goes well for her. I was drinking tea today, I decafed some rose congru, brewed it twice as strong as it should be and then poured it over ice. That makes sure that the iced tea stays clear when it's shocked to coldness. But I nearly always think about Cera and about Jon Singer when I drink tea.

I really should do something like that with green tea and honey. I like the combination so much in the Arizona teas, and I wouldn't be adding any herbal complexes I should keep avoiding so long as I'm nursing Jet. I liked them for myself, but the doc said that since they don't have any studies on what it might do to a kid, it was best to avoid them. I'll admit that I think of Cera the most when I drink The Republic of Tea's Spring Cherry Green.

John and I traded my hour early this morning for my hour long meeting. So I still have another hour to do this afternoon. It's hard, though, in some ways, when the two of us were so used to staying so late, and doing so much more than 40 hours for John to 'count' his thirty and then stop. Old habits die very hard.

I have to admit that I think that between Fezzik and my pregnancy, my old habits were stomped, strangled, and then set on fire a few times. It's a lot easier than I thought to just stop when I don't have anything more I want to do. There's always more work and more to do and more that has to be done. It'll will be there for me for a bunch of tomorrows.

8:30 pm: I got nearly an hour to myself and work when John took Jet to pick our dinner up. Casa de La Mina was so good and so slow last time that we decided to just order food and then pick it up when it was ready. It took a bit longer than they'd said, but when John got back, it was well worth the wait again.

The flavorings for the chicken mole that John got and the carnitas that I had were marvelous. Authentic Mexican with the sweet and spicy complexity of roasted chilies and a plethora of roasted spices. Fragrent, rich and deeply layered. The pork of the carnitas I had had been cooked until it could fall apart, but then had, somehow, been dried out a bit too much for me. The flavor was really good, the texture, however, sadly was lacking.

It was yummy, though, especially folded in hot, fresh corn tortillas with black beans, rice, crisp lettuce, tomatoes and a bit of red onion.

I ate too fast, because Jet was hungry, too. I stuffed down four tortillas folded around yummy things and burped a lot as I fed him. He burped some, too, but that's normal for a baby. He's tired and cranky this evening, and wanting to nurse continuously, I think because he can fall asleep while eating. It's comforting, I think, to be held and to suck. The simple things that he's done since he was born.

Jet's taken to stuffing two fingers from each hand into his mouth and then pulling for all he's worth. He then looks upset at hurting from the hard pull, or something, but yells when someone takes the fingers from hooking his lip. Funny boy.

I'm feeling like a bad mother, tired and unhappy because my baby's unhappy. He isn't screaming with colic or anything, just kvetching and moaning and grumbling at everything. John can get him to just hang apathetically from John's arm by holding him and gently bouncing him. Jet doesn't look happy while lying there, but he isn't upset, just tired and sad and limp. Maybe he'll sleep just as long if we put him to bed an hour earlier? Maybe not. We won't get to try until Wednesday.

John and I are watching Saint Louis play Colorado in the hockey playoffs. Colorado won the first game so decisively, that The Blues have to do well today to stay in it mentally and they are doing pretty well.

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