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May 16, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Fun With Unix

A fairly structured day. I had my morning of work, and before it I didn't get up until about 8. Since I had to leave before 9:30 and Jet had just eaten, I simply pumped immediately after getting up and then pumped again just before I left so that I'd be as empty as possible. So I made the last evening feeding and another two ounces for the middle of the night feeding.

Work was good. Again, it was simply wonderful to just be at work and doing things without having ot interrupt them all the time. I went to my meeting, and then worked on my Solaris machine for the rest of the hours. We're now doing both Windows and Solaris with our software, so I have to be able to build and test with both platforms. Most of my Unix experience is purely fun, things like my fun account, my private email, and my web sites are all on Unix machines, so I am somewhat familiar with them.

Of course, I guess my years at the University of Washington and at Eldec were all working with Unix machines, however, that was more than ten years ago. Hm. Then again, I guess I did a lot of my chip design work at Data I/O on a Unix box, along with a bunch of software design at Applied Microsystems Corp was also on Unix. Hm. I guess I really can't plead ignorance. Especially since I've carried my .cshrc, .login, and .aliases from my UW days all the way forward with the enhancements I've made to them with each stop.

I do feel ignorant, though! I am having to set up the company build and test environment on my Solaris machine, and it's taking me a while to get it all down and figure it all out. Not that it's really all that hard, as most of the developers at Xilinx use Solaris platforms, so the build, source control, and developement environments are all honed for the Solaris platform. It's just those magical enviaronment variables that I have to get all right. When I have them lal right, it jsut goes. When I have one of them wrong, things blow up, and of course, there are a few dozen of them and some of them are hidden in the sandbox tree.

Okay, it was a lot of fun.

John called about fifteen until noon and said that he'd meet us at KT's. So the group all went there to meet up with him, and I got delayed a bit by Peter and a blow-out diaper story. The kind of story that only newborn parents can tell to other new parents, because everyone else just gets to horrified. I think new parents just go, oh, yeah, that could happen to me and I'd have no other recourse but to laugh at it, as it would just be too much otherwise.

I was, therefore, pretty late when I got there. Enough so that John and Jet were at the head of a line that snake through the entire restaurant. I went up with them and got my sandwich and we all went downstairs to sit together at one big cobbled up table. Jet sat at the head of the table, his car seat back against the wall and he surveyed us all and watched benignly as we all ate our sloppy, messy, wonderful sandwiches.

He only cried a little bit near the end, and I think he was wet, but once I picked up the car seat he stopped crying, Once in the car, he went to sleep.

The weather was really weird today. Hot as heck, but muggy and overcast. It cleared some, and the sunlight that did get through just made everything hotter. It was so hot that Jet was pretty miserable, as was I, so I pretty much hid in the house with him for the afternoon, entertaining both of us a little bit as we went.

I have a theory, now, that Jet eats really frequently when he's bored or there's nothing else to do. When there's something to do and something to see and something new to study, he'll go, easily, three hours between feedings. He did two hours, no problems, between John and I driveing and the lunch at KT's.

John's been really good about taking Jet when he gets home and doing stuff with him. The two of them went to Lafayette and got parts for John's desire to fix the car. Then the two of them went to Santiago's and bought John and I dinner. That was pretty good. I got the chicken Indian taco and it was really yummy, thick with chicken and crisp around the edges.

Since it was so hot, Jet was pretty sticky. Between the last couple of days and then the heat of today, he was just a smelly little guy. So between periods of the Blue and the Ave's playoff game, John and I bathed him. We're getting really good at doing it pretty quickly, and since it was so hot, Jet actually liked his bath today, for the first time ever. The last several times he tolerated the bath, but today he actually smiled, splashed, and looked like he was having fun. Figured that it would be good to clean him up at the end of the hot days, the next few days are supposed to be a lot cooler, even rainy.

The Ave's game was pretty amazing, mildly frustrating, but really hard fought. It went into two overtimes, and I was so tired, I decided to just go to sleep after the first overtime. John stayed up and watched it to the bitter end.

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