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May 19, 2001
two years ago
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Super Shopping Trip

8:26 pm: Today was a really busy day.

It started with banana pecan pancakes and turkey bacon after I pumped 5.5 ounces. Yeesh. Jet was really amazing and stayed asleep until 4 a.m. and after going back to sleep around 5:30, he stayed asleep utnil nearly 8! My. Things they are a changin'.

After breakfast and the morning feed, during which John put the last of the Baby Buggy back together while I watched Saturday morning cartoons with Jet, we all went out to test the Baby Buggy's new drive shaft.

We went first to a place that sound second hand stuff, that was supposed to have lots of baby stuff. Thing is that they had a lot of clothing, but very few baby furniture things. There was just one really old, dark crib. So we didn't buy anything. Still, they had a lot of neat clothing, incluing a Mulan raincoat that I wished was Kathy's size.

Off again and it was getting close to the time when I thought Jet needed food. So John and I went to A&W root beer and had lunch. They combined with at KFC, so John had a chicken sandwich while I had a chili cheese dog and a root beer. Yum. While we ate, though, Jet fell asleep. So using the principle I used the other day, we went to Kohls to look around.

We'd never been to one before, and someone had told us that that was where t-shirts with protective mitts could be found for utterly newborns. We didn't find any of those, but we did find an entire department of baby clothing. A lot of it was on sale, too. So we bougth two Carter outfits that snapped up the front instead of having to be pulled over Jet's head. We really liked the one outfit that we had that was like that and he wears it just about every landry cycle. So we got two of the next size up as they were thirty percent off.

They also had replacement brushes for our Sonicare toothbrush for sixty percent off. It was a lot like an upscake Target, with only a few bathroom things and a whole lot of clothing. We liked it well enough and if we have any baby clothing need or toddler clothing need, the prices are reasonable and the construction was really solid.

Jet started crying as we headed towards the checkout, so I took Jet to the car while John bought everything. Jet was just wet, and while we thought he should be hungry, he was perfectly happy once I changed him. So we decided to just go for the next step before feeding him as both John and I wanted a coffee drink. There was a local Brewing Company across the main street, and we found a nice spot under a tree. John parked, left NPR and "What Do You Know?" on the radio and I started to feed a very happy Jet while John went to get our drinks.

I only do decaf, now, and so asked for an iced decaf mocha. Jet was so happy with things that he didn't really eat with much concentration. He kept coming off to smile at me, to siggle, to grin or look at John when John came back with our drinks or just to play a bit with the nipple. He was having such a good time I had to laugh. I gave him his full thirty minutes, though, and when that was done and he was off again due to another distraction, I just wiped up and set him back in the car seat where he wiggled happily.

We were off again.

From there we went to Target, and looked for a crib there as well. They had some interesting playpens, but no cribs. So we didn't buy anything again and went next door to Costco.

We wheeled about and didn't buy much food as everything was pretty stocked. The only thing I did get that was big and perishable was a bag of chicken boobs, which is just a staple. We got three flats of juices and drinks, a bale of toilet paper, a pail of cookie dough, and four Hawiaan shirts. I really liked the ones that they'd bought bulk from a maker in Hawaii, and they make perfect nursing shirts because the pattern hides any milk. They're also big enough, now, for my new cup size. I'm mildly amazed to find all my old Hawaiian shirts tight around the chest.

The gas at Costco is cheap, so we filled the Range Rover up and went home, where Jet went to town eating and napped a little between intense suckings. John rearrained the garage while Jet ate, so that the Passat could go back into the garage once more, now that the Baby Buggy was road worthy again. During the whole trip, John was very happy with how smoothly and happily the Rangy was running. That was really cool.

Once Jet was done, we went to the Erie Town Fair. All four roads of the main block of town were all surrounded in booths of various sorts. We had a lot of fun just roaming around all four sides twice. Jet was in his stroller and got admired a lot by various people. I was having fun just getting in a good walk. That was nice in and of itself.

In addition to the walk we bought a colorful tropical fish quilted hanging that could probably double as a baby blanket if necessary, but Jet really enjoyed looking at it, so we'll have it for his room once we actually have a room for him. We alco got an interesting teething toy as he'll be into that sometime soon and is already stuffing things into his mouth when he can. I figure that if we do ilke we did with Fezzik, i.e. whenever he stuffs something we don't want him to into his mouth simply substituting something that is suitable may suffice and in the long term he may learn what Fezzik did, i.e. that somethings are his and other things aren't.

Maybe. I know... I know... babies aren't puppies, but it can't hurt to give him positive reinforcement for chewing on the right thing.

I also had a craving for funnel cake, and we stood in line for a while and I got one fresh from the hot fat. It was crisp and tender and not at all oily. I was pretty impressed, and happily got powdered sugar all over me, John, and Jet as I pulled pieces off to eat and to give to John. It was better for being eaten out in the sunshine while walking and watching dozens of kids with sprayed bright hair. Someone in the kids area was using the temporary spray hair coloring and making a lot of kids really bright.

Home again, home again, after all that exercise, and when we got home it was almost 5:30, so John distracted Jet while I quick preped four artichokes. Food TV has been doing a lot of spring specials and artichokes have been in a number of them. It reminded me that they're good in the spring and Costco had a really nice set of four really fresh artichokes, so we bought them. I just took the end off the stem, peeled the stem, and then chopped off the top fourth of the bulb. After getting stabbed a few times, I used kitchen shears to take off all the barbs, too before landing them all in a steamer.

They steamed while I fed Jet, and were tender to the knife when we were done. I then started cooking ravioli and while they cooked, Jet played with the mobile and John and i ate artichokes.

Sometimes I think part of the appeal of artichokes is that they're kind of like food that's a toy or puzzle. All those pieces to take apart and take off and then finding the surprise in the middle. I don't think I've ever eaten the heart and stem of a whole, large green globe artichoke before. It was really amazing to take those big bites after all those tiny bits of flesh on the leaves.

After dinner, while I was feeding Jet again, I told John that I'd like to give Jet another bath. He was sticky and his hair was starting to mat again. So John got out all the stuff, and when we were done, John and I gave him a bath. Again, Jet really liked it, and was watching us and splashing a bit in the warm water. He only cried afterwards, for a little bit until we got him into his sleeping bunting. Once he was warmed up, as the evening had turned pretty cold, he was happy to play with John while I cleaned up.

Terminator 2 was playing while we did the final feeding, and Jet sucked down the bottle and another ounce before falling dead asleep. He had had a really full day and hadn't slept much at all during it, though he had had chances.

We're putting him into our walkin closet so that he won't be disturbed if I go out to pump during the night. With his new sleeping pattern, I'm hurting by the time he wakes up so Iit's better if I pump just before going to bed and again in the middle of the night a few hours before he wakes up.

We'll see if that works.

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