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May 20, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Crib Research

It went from 75 and completely clear and sunny to sleeting horizontal frozen rain and 35 today. It wasn't all that long, either, we were out for a lot of the afternoon in too hot sunshine. We even had the air conditioning on while I fed Jet in the middle of the afternoon. But only two hours after we got home and settled in it was snowing horizontal and the wind was louder than anything in the house.

I'm very glad of our house and how it's built solid against the wind and really well insulated against temperature changes. It was 35 outside and still 73 inside from the sunny morning. Solar heating really does save us energy when it's cold but clear out.

Jet slept well last night. He got to bed easily and got up at 3:30, after I'd gotten up and pumped at 1:30. So he had plenty of milk and I managed to feed him another four and a half ounces. He burped twice and promptly fell asleep after his really busy day. John woke up at 6, and gently tugged Jet's bassinet into the livingroom then and let me sleep. I was able to stay asleep until 8.

Turned out Jet and John had gone north and bought giant cinnamon rolls that were really good. We had them for breakfast, and then John started calling around for various places that cold baby cribs. He wanted to leave at 10, but most of them weren't open until noon, so we stayed home for another feeding, and John took Jet in the sling while I slept another hour. I mostly get up in the morning due to breasts that are just too full of milk. It was nice to get one more hour.

So I got up in time to feed him again, and John heated up leftover enchiladas for lunch while I finished off feeding him. Then we were off. The two places John wanted to see were in downtown Denver, and it took a while to get there. It was called Guys and Dolls, and we brought Jet in in our arms. He wiggled and yelled now and again, but not a lot, and we had fun setting him down in the various cribs just to see what he looked like in them.

He's so small compared to a crib. He looked comfortable in them, though and not nearly as crowded as he now is in his bassinet. It still amazes me how much he doesn't quite fit into his bassinet anymore when he was so small in it to start. The place was just filled with cribs, everything from a $149 light 'grandmother's crib' to a polished $649 oak creature and a full floor of designer cribs that were really high end in styling.

The lady there was really good and taught us everything we thought to ask about about cribs and what they could do now. All of the cribs they sold could convert to a toddler bed by simply removing a side and putting the mattress to the lowest setting possible. It would take the same amount of space as the crib, but with the side open, there would be a bit more space for a larger child. The main differences were in how solidly they were made and how the side that dropped did the dropping, as well as what kind of hardware and how it was installed for the dropping.

I really liked her and how she was very free about answering questions. I think that if we do buy a new crib at full price, we'll go there.

On the way to the next place, Jet started crying in earnest, so we went through a McDonald's drive thru and ordered a chocolate shake. I needed to drink something while he ate, and it surprised the heck out of me when the shake I started to drink was *orange*. Just like a creamsicle of old. It was yummy, so I didn't ask John to get me a chocolate one instead.

Jet smiled at me, big, when I first got him on, and he did like yesterday, playing instead of eating, so, since we were facing a fairly major street and I realized I had a boob hanging out. So I put a blanket over Jet and the part of me that was hanging out and he got down to business and ate steadily.

From there we went to Baby World and found that we knew what we wanted to know. Few, if any, of the cribs there impressed us with their quality. Also the prices were all about a hundred or two hundred dollars over the other place's. The people there didn't talk with us, and they had things so crowded together we couldn't walk through the place with Jet asleep in his carrier. The clincher, for me, was that they didn't have changing tables in their bathrooms. If they really wanted parents to buy from them, what were they doing without even changing tables?

We changed Jet in the car, and then made it home without much incident, though Jet did wake up for the change and stayed awake for the whole ride. Once home he was pretty grumpy all late afternoon and early evening , except when he was eating.

There will be a time when I'll miss nursing him. When I'll miss his warm weight nestled up against me, his calm breathing as he eats, and the way he falls asleep if he's warm enough but just keeps up the sucking, as it's that deep an instinct for him. His arm curled around my arm, and his other hand hanging onto my shirt or resting on me, tiny and warm. He is almost always quiet and relaxed when he's nursing, which can't be said of anything else he does.

I did manage to make more pho for us as the snow slanted across the horizon. The hot soup was really good. John got Jet to sleep while I cooked, and he slept through dinner in his car seat. For some reason, he sleeps much better in a slightly curled position in the day time. He doens't like lying flat on his back during the day, though he does fine with it at night.

Most of the evening was just trying to keep him not really unhappy and when he finished his last feeding and bottle, he went instantly to sleep. Though with John and I trading him off, I was able to bake a sheet of cookies from refrigerator cookie dough and John got to spend a little time with finances and tax stuff.

I think that after yesterday, today was another full day and it tired Jet out so much that by evening he was just totally unhappy. Hopefully this means that he'll sleep well tonight. He's never yelled so much and so loudly without his diaper being wet or dirty or from being really hungry. Maybe this is the beginning of a few steps back so he can move forward again. Or, maybe, he's just tired from all that we've been doing.

Putting his bassinet in our walk-in closet worked really well last night. The clothing baffled some of his small noises, and probably sheilded him from our noises and he certainly didn't get the lighting change from when I opened the door to go out to pump and when I came back as well, so no disturbance for him then. He still woke up for his middle of the night feeding, but that was on his own and I got to let him try and get back to sleep on his own for a bit, first.

So we'll try it again tonight, though John always cracks up when I talk about putting Jet in our closet. It does sound funny.

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