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May 24, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Bleary and Coping

8:34 pm: I am really tired.

I only had to get up twice last night, only once for Jet, the other for the usual pumping. So it wasn't quite as crazy as the last few nights. John got up with Jet at 5 and fed him and they went back to sleep for another hour when they were done. I stayed in bed until 7:30 and only got up because I had to pump. I was pretty bleary.

John went to work at 9:30 and I had been upstairs at the machine for only twenty minutes and the minute John pulled away Jet started crying. I fed him and he was just unhappy and whiny and kvetchy and stayed that way. I only got to eat half of one of those leftover twice baked potatoes because I just let him cry for a while in my arm while I ate with the other.

Both of us fell into an exhausted sleep while he was eating around 1:30 and we just stayed passed out until 3, and then he was so whiny I could just stand it. I finally left him in the bassinet for a while so I could go to the bathroom alone, and he cried the whole time I was away. He was dry and safe and I couldn't do anything, so I had to just let him cry for a bit. I fed him after that, and magically, for no good reason I could see, he suddenly was fine.

Maybe it was because it was after 4:30 and he knew that he was going to get his massage or something... but we played for the half an hour after he ate and then I gave him his massage and he was joyous. This is the classic time for colicky babies to be unhappy, and here Jet was totally happy, smiling, and wiggling like when he was first called the Fish. He was so happy, I put him in his bassinet in the middle of the kitchen floor, started up the mobile and went upstairs to work.

I got a good hour in just pausing for a wet diaper change and periodically starting the mobile up again with the remote control. He got fussy near the end of that, and I put him in the front pack and we did our exercises. John was home by the time we started that, which was a bit after six. When I was finished, I fed Jet again and the two of them went to pick up a pizza for dinner.

I got a long, luxurious shower in, then, and then started setting thing up to make chocolate donuts.

After being in such a desperate state of mind in the middle of the afternoon and to have Jet's good mood simply dispel it all was very keen.

Pizza was good. The chocolate donuts turned out really yummy and with the donut pan greased and floured, it all came out easily. That was very good to have tried, for all that it's supposed to be non-stick, every other donut has stuck like crazy. John even took Jet for the time between the second to last and last feeding so I could write up today and I'll have to catch up yesterday after the last feeding.

Hopefully, Jet will do well tonight, too.

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